TréCreative Travel Update: Nicaragua Part 2

We made it!! Thanks for all you friends following our Instagrams (Stephen, Chelsey).  With the internet over here, it is much easier to keep up with them, then posting on the blog everyday. Here'e a little update from our trip so far (if you missed part 1, read more here). We started off our time in Nicaragua in a city called León, a very historic area with tons to see. The hustle and bustle of this wonderful place was so fun to experience and León is very safe and you can walk most places which is a huge plus! The first organization just we finished documenting was started by the man below named Oscar. His primary focus with On Eagles Wings is to partner with stateside churches and organizations to raise support and to enable local pastors with resources to create feeding programs, sports camps and health clinics in their own communities.

They are currently building what they're calling the "Dream Center". Stephen bravely climbed to the top to get an epic timelapse shot! This will be a place where volunteers from around the world can stay when not out working with the local people. Also, the facility will hold a clinic and warehouse where all the medical and food distribution happens. Each month, Oscar and his team supplies over 60 churches in the area with supplies of food to feed thousands of starving children.

This is Oscar's son who is such a cutie!

Above are boxes of rice that Feed My Starving Children provides to Oscar's ministry to distribute to the local pastors. Below is one of the feeding program locations, in a little rural village outside of León. A lot of the feeding programs also host soccer games or other fun activities for kids to come and play while sharing a positive and encouraging message.

These are the pots women cook out of in the villages. They fill it with food and cook it over the fire below.

Some of the sweet girls from one of the feeding programs.

The next feeding program really opened our eyes to the importance of these programs. This village is located walking distance from the dump. In the recent past, there was a huge mudslide which caused close to 250 families to leave their homes due to the damage. The government relocated them to this "temporary" location promising to rebuild their homes and lives. Years later these people are still stuck in the same place they were brought to. They are without any sort of jobs so they resort to collecting food, bottles and cans to provide whatever they can for their families. They may only make up to $2 a day going through the dump.

Almost all the families in the area live on dirt floors with homes made of plastic or cardboard found in the dump. The family to the left has recently been built a new home thanks to support that was raised through Oscar's ministry who is helping many families in the area build more sustainable and sturdy homes.

One local Nicaraguan pastor and his family was willing to move to the dump area and start a church and feeding program. The church is the only place in the village with a working shower, clean water, and medical supplies. Each day they feed hundreds of children in the area. Almost all of these children either play in the dump or are constantly running around in the dirt, and with the help of On Eagles Wings they're building a small playground so kids don't have to play in the trash.

Next up we traveled through a local marketplace in León. Lots of families sell fresh produce and fruit.

Leon is filled with gorgeous cathedrals built hundreds of years ago. The insides are just breathtaking!

The nearest beach is about 20 minutes outside of Leon and our translater Pedro drove us there to get a few establishing shots for the documentary we're putting together.

Today we're off to Managua, the big city, to finish our second project :D