TréCreative 2015 Behind the Scenes

It's that time of the year again! Seems like we were just making our annual BTS post last year, time flies! Well again, you can view all the ridiculous outtakes, funny faces, or crazy poses we come up with on a wedding day! You're in for a real treat! Some of these photos are so unflattering but we're putting that aside and letting you see the candid "us in action" photos. 

As always, thank you to our amazing TréCreative family of couples. You are the reason we get to have our dream jobs! Thank you thank you, we are blessed each wedding we are able to shoot, each couple we meet, and each family we can interact with!

Testing the light. I don't know why I was looking up!

Nailed it, perfect lighting!

Stephen is ready to roll!

Sometimes you have to get low!

Or sometimes Stephen's height just won't do it either so he steals my stool!

I'm pretty sure I almost fell into the creek right after this photo was taken.

We always joke on wedding days about "photo bombers"...usually it's just Stephen jumping in front of my shot to make a funny face!

The photo on the right shows me having mixed feelings of being cold and hungry, not a good combo :D

That one time we had the bridesmaids take photos in the street and I needed a test shot first.

Stephen the dog whisperer and master dress hanger!

Oh yes! That one time we flew to Kentucky for Amy&Austin's wedding. It poured during all their portraits! Thank goodness for umbrellas!

Don't worry, Eric gave us full permission to invade his space and check his mic right before their bride and groom portraits.

I love my stool, short girl for life!!

Peace out friends, what a fun year to look back on!