Weekend Wrap Up - Backpacking Trip

This past weekend was our only weekend without a wedding since May! We've had an awesome year and are so blessed by the awesome couples we get to work with every weekend during wedding season. We knew we were going to have this weekend date "off" and so we scheduled a backpacking trip with friends on our calendar! 

We've been camping many times but this was our first time ever truly "backpacking". Lucky for us, we went with some very experienced friends with gear and knowledge about how to pack it!

We drove up Friday and started our backpacking trip at the Park's Creek Trailhead which intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail also known as the PCT. Along the way we met tons of through hikers who were doing the whole PCT. After doing our short day long hike, this blew our minds!! The PCT is a total distance of 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington all the way up to the Canadian border. Many of these hikers do 20-30 miles every day, wow!

We hiked in to the gorgeous Dead Fall Lakes where we set up camp on Friday night. On Saturday a group of us then hiked up Mt. Eddy where there were stunning views of Shasta in the distance!

Karamea was the cutest member of our backpacking crew. She did so well and made everyone smile! She's the best baby!

Second cutest member of our backpacking crew, Flower the dog! She is so loving and warm. We loved having her around to eat all our leftover food scraps and cuddle with when it was cold.

The week before the trip we dehydrated food like beef jerky and fruits for the trip. We ended up making WAY too much jerky, so we shared it with PCT through hikers along the way!

We loved our comfy Hammock setup. The first night was perfect. The second it rained, but luckily Stephen was right above me to keep me dry!

To get fresh water in the middle of nowhere we used a water filter pump. With one of these you can filter the dirtiest water into a delicious drinking supply. Thanks to Ryan&Emily who let us borrow their pump and other awesome gear!!

All and all the backpacking trip was a huge success! We loved being out in the wild without cell or internet service. It was fun to get some good exercise, relax in nature, and catch up on some much needed reading! Most of all, we loved the time spent out with friends, new and old.

Until next time, cheers!