Weekend Wrap- Up - Winter Camp

I am often asked how I got into photography and when I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer. Without much thinking, my memory takes me back to three delightful summers of memories being a camp counselor at Mount Hermon. It was at camp that my creativity was expanded and my hobby grew into something so much bigger. It was there that I got to shoot hundreds of portraits and later second shoot at a wedding for the first time.

The last two years Stephen and I have had the privilege of being youth group leaders at our church and every year we head up to the mountains for winter camp. So many amazing things happened and we were so blessed to have spent time in God's creation . Again, I found myself back at camp where my my passions and creativity for photography were stretched and left me feeling so refreshed!

This year, things got a bit more muddy then expected, literally!

You may have seen on both of our Instagram accounts we have been posting about this big, giant, plastic, clear product called Funballz . Luckily, we got them just in time to shoot some footage for a video we are doing for the company while at winter camp.  The grounds were moist and in the center of what normally is a beautiful meadow to play on, was a mud pit. The field was quickly filled with screaming students running everyone and as far away from the people in the Bumperz as possible. Lets just say some pretty awesome games were played at camp.

Camp is all about having fun but more importantly growing closer to God. Each week Stephan and I look forward to Wednesday night youth group. NC Youth, you guys are inspiring!!


Our last day in the mountains, snow arrived and it was absolutely beautiful.

And because we can, we ended the weekend with crowd surfing!!