Wedding Photography at White Ranch Events - Chico California- Kyle&Marek

Kyle&Marek knew each other in high school. They had the same friend group and hung out with each other often. Kyle admitted he knew Marek was the one for him even then, but their relationship in high school wasn't like it is today. They kept in touch over the years after school, but their chemistry didn't truly spark until reuniting after. From then on, friends that knew them didn't have to second guess if their relationship would last. These two were in it to win it! 

Their wedding took place at White Ranch Events here in Chico. It felt like a little bit of a Chico High reunion because many of their pals in high school celebrated alongside them in this long awaited love story. And for us it was a mini TréCreative Bride&Groom reunion as well! Kyle's sister and her husband were one of our couples as well as the bar tenders Billy&Kim! It was so great to seeing all these amazing couples again! 

There were many memorable events that happened at this wedding I don't think we will ever forget. Let us begin with Marek's adorable nieces and nephews. They played a huge role in the wedding party! Then there was the grand entrance to the reception. Kyle&Marek entered to "Turn Down For What" and the whole bridal party had a mini epic dance party together before dinner was served. Then the speeches, oh my goodness, we have never heard so many amazing speeches all at one wedding. Marek's three sister's opened each sending their well wishes to the newlyweds and ended with an amazing rap! Kyle's sister Des gave a sweet speech remembering her and Kyle's dad who sadly passed away when Kyle was in high school. She mentioned how much she looked up to her older brother and knew their dad was with them in spirit! Kyle's best man gave the longest yet funniest speech we have ever heard!! You guys, we were dying!! Everyone in attendance was either laughing or crying so hard their stomachs hurt by that point. And finally, Marek's dad ended the speeches with a thoughtful toast and poem he had handwritten. 

If you know Kyle, you know he is notorious for ripping his pants at every wedding with a dance floor. His own wedding was no exception! Half way into the night as the band was playing Kyle pop locked and dropped his way into the ripped pants hall of fame. Not to mention Marek who has some pretty stellar moves as well. Between the TréBooth and the talented band, all the guests enjoyed the night of celebration!

Besides the outstanding speeches, Kyle's killer dance moves, or the bridal parties entrance to the reception, we have LOVED just getting to know these two. We feel so honored to know them and to have been their wedding photographers and videographers. It's people like Kyle&Marek that make us love our jobs that much more! Enjoy some of our favorites and check back soon for their wedding film!