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Wedding Guests – Memorable Monday

Over the weekend, we traveled to San Diego where we were WEDDING GUESTS for the first time in over a year. Most of our close friends are already married so there haven’t been many friends weddings we’re participating in lately. Being in the wedding industry for almost six years now, attending as a “guest” feels a little funny. Let us explain!

Destination San Diego Wedding photographer and videographer

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Memorable Monday – Happy Thanksgiving

The Holidays are some of our favorite times of year spent with each other and our families. That often means for us, less travel, fewer meals out and more time at home. Since purchasing our home, we affectionally call the TreCrib, we’ve been the ones hosting both our families the last two years. After a lot of travel these past few weeks, my mom stepped up and mention her interest in hosting this year. As much as we love hosting people in our home, it was perfect to just show up with our food contribution in hand and just enjoy the company.

Thanksgiving week in Chico California

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Memorable Monday – Early September 2017

When September hits, I mentally think that means Fall weather should be right around the corner. Do you do the same thing? Usually, that desire for cooler weather, all things pumpkin and going to Apple Hill really doesn’t get fulfilled until later in September or even October. Chico’s summer weather tends to linger around so until that cool weather actually hits, keep sending us those Autumn vibes!

Centerville Estates wedding photographer uses a Mrs.Box to style wedding rings

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Memorable Monday – We Spilled the Beans

August is coming to a close which means we’ll be gearing up for another full Fall filled with lots of weddings and engagements. The Autumn time of year in California and specifically in Chico where we live is especially beautiful. Chico is filled with trees that all change colors to bright yellows, oranges, and reds.

Chico lifestyle wedding photographer

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Here’s the thing: we love our work. We love every crook and curve of shooting weddings and having the chance to spend this day with people as they make a promise before one another.

It’s most important to us that you feel at ease, happy, and satisfied with the whole experience. For that reason, we don’t say yes to every wedding inquiry that comes to us.

Our heart is to make sure we mesh well together and can be the perfect fit for one another for this long and beautiful season ahead.

Thank you for visiting us and seeing what we have to offer. We are over-the-moon excited to show you more and see if our services and your story are meant to be.


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Double tap if you love receiving Christmas cards in the mail!! I sure do and each day this time… 4 days ago