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Destination Chicago Kinzie St. Bridge Engagement Photos – Miles&Bailee

We have been looking forward to this Destination Chicago Kinzie St Bridge engagement session for quite some time now!

Destination Chicago Kinzie St. Bridge engagement photos

Miles and Bailey are from California and will be getting married in Sacramento this December. They recently moved to Chicago from Arizona for Bailey’s clinical rotation. That’s a huge climate change but it was such a treat for us to escape Chico’s hot summer days for a weekend in Chicago. This is the second time we’ve traveled to Chicago for a destination engagement session and we absolutely love this city! The views are breathtaking and the city is so walkable. Not to mention the world famous deep dish pizza we indulged in after their photo session. It’s a must visit for us again!

Although Miles and Bailee are still finding their bearings in the city, they expressed how they are also loving it so far. They wanted to incorporate the beautiful Chicago skyscrapers in their session to remember this fun season of life in Chicago. We started their session in downtown Chicago near the famous Kinzie St. Bridge along the river. From there, we did a big loop around the downtown area and ended back on Kinzie St. Bridge. While emailing back and forth with Bailee about locations and outfit choices, I had suggested at least one of their outfits be a fancy since Chicago has that beautiful chic feel to it. Miles&Bailee did just that and their outfits were just perfect!

We loved spending the evening with them. Walking around the city and finding beautiful little nooks and crannies to take photos in. Miles&Bailee are extremely easy going and we loved hearing about what they have been up to these past few months and more wedding planning.

Thank you so much Miles&Bailee for bringing us to Chicago, we loved our time with you and hope these photos are fun to look back on for years as you remember your time in Chicago.


California photographer travels to Chicago for a destination downtown photo session

downtown engagement photos taken near Kinzie St. Bridge

California photographer travels to Chicago for a destination photo session

downtown Chicago skyline photo session

Destination downtown Chicago engagement photo session

downtown photo session near an ivy wall in Chicago

photo of an ivy wall in downtown Chicago near Kinzie St. Bridge

downtown Kinzie St Bridge engagement photographer

couple in downtown Chicago having their engagement photos taken by a California photographer

couple walking together near the Chicago Illinois

Destination Chicago engagement session near Kinzie St Bridge

cute couple dancing along the Chicago Riverfront

bride and groom dancing together in downtown Chicago

Chicago engagement photo session along the Chicago River

really up close photo of the engaged couple in Chicago IL

downtown Chicago skyline photo session

bride and groom smiling looking at the camera

Downtown Chicago Kinzie St. Bridge engagement photos

Kinzie St. Bridge Engagement photo session

Kinzie St Bridge Engagement photos in Chicago IL

Kinzie St. Bridge Engagement photo session





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