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Welcome to the TréCreative blog! We are Stephen&Chelsey, the husband and wife team behind TréCreative Film&Photo. We love going on adventures together and finding new ways to love our TréCreative family. On our blog, you’ll get to meet our amazing couples, see some of our adventures unfold, and hear about wedding day tips&tricks! We’re so glad you’re here!

Fremont Wedding Photography at Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum – David&Mia

What a Jolly wedding to witness as David&Mia said “I do”. So many hours and hard work went into every detail of their day. Mia is a true DIY bride, from the decorations to even her wedding dress, she handcrafted each detail with love. These two just SHINE the love they have for one another. Mia&David’s cheeks must hurt from their permanent smiles and contagious laughter throughout the day. We’re honored Mia&David entrusted their wedding photography and videography to us. Stephen and I both loved working with these two lovebirds at the beautiful Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum. 

Venue – Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum

Photography – TréCreative

Videography – TréCreative

Dress and flowers- Bride and family and friends

DJ – Bride’s brother aka DJ WesTraxx


Absolutely love the material Mia chose for her wedding dress, so perfect!

To the first look we go! This is such a private and intimate moment between the bride and groom, each time Stephen and I capture a first look through photography or videography we are blown away by each couple’s unique love story, thank you to everyone who trusts us with this special moment! 

After the wedding, we got to take these two inside the historical house for some vintage inspired photographs 🙂

CONGRATS Mia&David! Seriously, so blessed to be apart of your big day! 
Check out their TréCreative wedding film teaser below and check back tomorrow around 4PM (PST) for their full wedding film 🙂



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  1. Amanda D says:

    Well again, like I posted in another blog about this wedding, I had to take a second glance at the flowers cuz I had no idea that they were actually pages from a book of somesort. I thought this was a very creative and unique way of having flowers at a wedding.

    I like the pics of the first look that both Mia and David had. The look on David’s face really says it all. The emotions he expresses really represents their love for each other.

    I also like how in the pic with them going away in their car, I got to see my cousin-in-law Stephen hard at work with his camera. Its kinda nice to see him and the both of you in action doing what you love the most.

    Lastly I think the last pic of Mia and David holding the "Thank You" sign is extremely cute and adorable!!!!

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