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Henry Cowell Redwoods Ten Year Vow Renewal – Billy&Tristin

We had the honor of photographing Billy&Tristin’s ten-year vow renewal in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. 30 of their closest friends and family all traveled from Nevada to California to witness Billy&Tristin recite their vows in a peaceful spot surrounded by gorgeous Redwood Trees.

Henry Cowell State Park in Northern California ten year vow renewal

Stephen and I walked away from this amazing day feeling so honored and encouraged! I’ve had a hard time putting into words the immense joy it was for Stephen and I to witness such a beautiful ceremony. We always feel during a wedding ceremony the weight of the vows our couples commit to. For Billy&Tristin they have already been married for ten years and have two beautiful children. This was their way of experiencing a wedding that they had always dreamed of and re-committing themselves to God, each other and their amazing little family.

Billy&Tristin met in 7th grade. Tristin shared that after they started dating in 9th grade she knew pretty quickly that she was going to marry Billy. They eloped when they were both 19 and this March on their ten year anniversary, they recommitted themselves to each other. Both Stephen and I have so much respect for these two. We normally witness couples as they first commit themselves to each other as husband and wife, but it’s so inspiring to see a couple with ten years under their belt and two amazing children who still are putting God first and their marriage. Stephen and I talk a lot about marriage on the blog because we really want to inspire others that even on the hard days remember why they chose each other. Marriage isn’t always easy or like a fairy-tale story but it’s worth fighting for one another and loving each other unconditionally through it all. We saw that powerful love displayed through Billy&Tristin!

Billy&Tristin are from Las Vegas and so were almost all of their guests. Tristin has always loved the Redwoods and so after contacting us, we suggested they look into Henry Cowell State Park near Santa Cruz. They went out and visited a year before and instantly fell in love with the location. Throughout the year, we have been following these two over social media. We’ve gotten to follow along with their adventures and see what their two kids were up to. Billy&Tristin have been so encouraging to us and really stressed how much they were excited for portrait time together! They let us schedule in extra time for photos and video around the park and we are so thankful for couples like them who are okay with this!

We arrived in the morning while Tristin was finishing getting ready with her good friends and super cute daughter Tatum. Tristin described Tatum as her little “mini-me” and Bladen their son as Billy’s, and that could not be truer! After finishing getting ready, the couple opted to do a first look in the redwoods and afterwards we walked around Henry Cowell to the specific spot the couple would share their vows. After their ceremony, we took some family photos and then ended in a meadow just outside the park!

Billy&Tristin, you two have been so warm and kind to us! You have been an example of what it looks like to love your kids and the others around you well. There are no words for how honored we feel to have captured and witnessed such a beautiful vow renewal between you two and your family! Always fight for each other and never stop going on lots of photo adventures!

Enjoy some of our favorites from their day!



Henry Cowell Redwood Vow Renewal

mom hangs her wedding dress to her daughters flower girl dress

brides wedding details

bride and groom wedding rings

huge greenery in a wedding bouquet

bridal wedding details

bride with her girls and daughter getting ready

beautiful bride sitting on her chair having her photo taken

back of brides braided hair on her wedding day in Northern California

little flower girl spinning in her flower girl dress

beautiful bride with her veil over her eyes

beautiful bride having solo portraits taken

bride with her little flower girl spinning her around

beautiful back of a brides dress

bride in her wedding dress

grooms brown shoes with his watch and boutineire

groom helps his son put his green tie on

dad and son help each other get into their wedding attire in Northern California

groom gets help putting on his designer watch

photo of a groom and his son smiling looking at the camera on his vow renewal day

Redwood Trees in Henry Cowell State Park

bride and groom first look together at Henry Cowell in Santa Cruz

First look under the Redwood Trees in a California State Park

bride and groom first look together at Henry Cowell in Santa Cruz

bride and groom take photos together at their ten year vow renewal

married couple take ten year anniversary photos in Henry Cowell State Park

married couple take ten year anniversary photos in Henry Cowell State Park

married couple take ten year anniversary photos in Henry Cowell State Park

married couple take ten year anniversary photos in Henry Cowell State Park

groom carries his bride to their next portrait location

bride and groom takes romantic portraits in Northern California

destination wedding photographer travels to Northern California to capture an elopement

anniversary photo session taken by a California destination wedding photographer

close intimate photograph of a bride and groom together

Destination wedding takes place in Northern California under the redwoods in Henry Cowell State Park

ten year anniversary portraits in the California Redwoods

bride and groom portraits taken near San Francisco

bride and groom together at their wedding

bride and groom enter their wedding ceremony

huge Redwood that has been cute down

brother and sister walk down the isle together at their parent vow renewal in California

bride walking down the isle with her dad at her ten year vow renewal in Henry Cowell State Park

ten year vow renewal in Henry Cowell State Park

Chico wedding photographer captures vow renewal in the redwoods

husband and wife re-state their vows in Henry Cowell Redwood Forest

Destination wedding photographer captures wedding vows under the Redwoods

parents stating their vows to their kids on their wedding day

wedding vows under the Redwoods near Santa Cruz

ten year vow renewal where all the guest wore green colors

Vow Renewal under the Redwoods

violin players play at a vow renewal under the Redwood Tress in Northern California

husband and wife walk down the isle together right after they said their ten year wedding vows

Redwood Trees and green moss growing in Henry Cowell State Park

little flower girl spines her little flower girls dress under the Redwoods

family photos of a married couple with their kids right after their ten year vow renewal

family walking hand in hand in the Redwoods in Northern California near San Francisco

flower girl and ring bearer wearing a suite and tie smile while getting their photo taken

family photos in the Redwoods

mom and daughter wearing pretty white designer dresses

wide family photo under the Redwoods

mossy trees and huge cut down tree stump

bride and groom take sunset photos together after their vow renewal in a Redwood groove

romantic bride and groom sunset photos in a meadow in Northern California

Destination vow renewal in Northern California

wedding portraits in a meadow next to Henry Cowell State Park

husband and wife anniversary photos taken while on a destination trip to Santa Cruz california

Destination Arizona couple travels to California for anniversary photos

husband holds his wife in close as they have romantic fine art photos taken

bride and groom dancing together in a meadow after their vow renewal in Northern California

bride and groom kiss together for their last photo of their anniversary Fine art photos session


Venue – Henry Cowell State Park

Restaurant – Shadowbrook

Photographer – TréCreative

Videographer- TréCreative

Flower Girl Dress- Dollcake 

Makeup and Hair – Ashley from Brish Hair and Makeup Design

Flowers – Glam Garden Designs






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