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Houston Station Destination Nashville Wedding Photographer – Jordan&Kiirstyn

For Jordan&Kiirstyn, it all started nearly four years ago, when an unlikely event had them cross paths in the country of Turkey of all places.

Destination Nashville Wedding photographers

Jordan was on a Special Operations mission to pick up a prisoner at the same base that Kiirstyn happened to be stationed at. He saw Kiirstyn on the flight line and asked a mutual friend who she was. His officers told him to just keep moving. Flash forward four years to Aurora, Colorado their paths would finally cross again. Kiirstyn had just moved to Colorado and was standing in the hallway when Jordan walks in and just looked right at her. As Kiirstyn told us, it took about two weeks for Jordan to get the courage to talk to her. When he finally did all he said was “were you in Turkey?” A couple weeks later they ran into each other again where Kiirstyn challenged Jordan to a cracker eating competition which Kiirstyn proudly shares how she won!  A week later, they had their first date and have been inseparable ever since!

Jordan purposed in January 2016 at their favorite restaurant. When Jordan asked, Kiirstyn said yes as quickly as she could!

Jordan&Kiirstyn are currently stationed in the Air Force in Japan so we would Skype to hear more about their wedding and it’d be a different day of the week there then it was here! Kiirstyn is actually from the same town as us and we were in the same senior program our last year of High School! Years later, after she enlisted and moved all over the country, I was thrilled to hear she had found her perfect guy and we were eager to meet him! Stephen and I have so much honor and respect for Jordan&Kiirstyn! We’ve only known Jordan for a bit, but it didn’t take long for us to see how much he truly loves and cares for Kiirstyn! Their love is one filled with commitment to each other and their country!

No matter where Jordan&Kiirstyn were getting married it would have to be a destination spot for someone. Jordan’s family is from Kentucky and Kiirstyn is from California. The two had visited Nashville a few different times and had fallen in love with the city. So Nashville became the perfect destination wedding location. It wasn’t too far from Jordan’s family, and Kiirstyn’s in CA loved traveling out there for such a special day! Seeing everyone come together from all over to celebrate with these two and dance the night away was so special!

Jordan&Kiirstyn, thank you so much for trusting us with your wedding photos! We hope these photos always remind you two to never stop dating each other and going on lots of adventures together! We can’t wait to see where your travels take you two next!

Enjoy some of our favorites from their amazing Houston Station Nashville wedding!


luxury designer wedding ring

yellow and orange sunflowers in a wedding bouquet

back of lace wedding dress

wedding shoes

designer wedding shoes on a chair

wedding shoes and wedding dress hanging

bride sitting on her chair by herself

happy bride getting into her wedding dress

up close photo of a bride

bride putting on Kate Spade earings

bride standing next to a blue wall in Nashville on her wedding day

Houston Station wedding photographer

bride smiling having her photo taken

Destination wedding photographer travels to Nashville to take photos

Father daughter first look!

father daughter first look

outside of Houston station in Nashville Tennessee

groom getting ready with his groomsmen at a wedding

groom getting ready inside Houston Station in Nashville

Destination wedding photographer travels to Nashville for a wedding

groom with his groomsmen getting ready

groom with his groomsmen getting ready

Houston Station Wedding Photography

Houston Station Destination Wedding Photographer

Mother son first look!

Mother son first look

bride and groom read letters to each other

bride and groom reading letters to each other

Houston Station Ceremony location

bride walking down the isle with her dad at Houston Station

groom's reaction to seeing his bride walk down the isle

bride giving her dad a hug

bride and groom on their wedding day

bride and groom wedding ceremony at Houston Station in Nashville

bride and groom just married at Houston Station

bride and groom portraits at Houston Station

bride and groom portraits in Nashville Tennessee

Houston Station Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Houston Station Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Houston Station bride and groom wedding portraits

Houston Station Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Houston Station Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Loved all the beautiful window light in Houston Station!

Houston Station Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

wedding photos taken in Nashville Tennessee with a destination wedding photographer

Houston Station Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer


bride and groom walking together in front of Houston Station on their wedding day

Houston Station wedding photographers

Houston Station wedding photos

wedding reception held at Houston Station in the Spring time

Houston Station reception location

Reception set up indoors with brick everywghere

head table decorated in sunflowers and yellow linen

bride and groom enter their reception location

bride and groom go into their first dance as husband and wife at Houston station

bride and groom dance together for the first time at Houston Station

bride and groom first dances together

crazy dance moves at Houston Station in Nashville for a destination wedding

father daughter first dances together

mother son emotional dance together

crazy dance moves in Nashville Tennesee

cute little boy at a destination wedding

Destination wedding photographers capture crazy dance moves in Nashville

cute grandparents dancing together

crazy dance moves at a wedding reception

All the Chico girls had to take a photo together!!

Chico friends all go to a destination wedding

destination wedding photographer heads to Nashville

parents dancing together at a wedding

Destination wedding photographer captures a candlelight wedding reception at Houston Station



Venue – Houston Station

Photographer – TréCreative

Catering – Two Boots Pizza 

Bartender – Cheers To YA

Florist – A Rose Garden 

Desserts – Dulce Desserts 

DJ – DJ Doug Griffin

Hair and Makeup – Natalie Jean




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