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Panama Trip 2016 – Destination Wedding Photographers

Panama holds a very special place in our hearts and it was such a fun adventure to travel back again for the second time together!

Panama San Blas Islands off the coast of the Caribbean ocean

Stephen’s mom grew up in Panama back when the United States ran the canal and has since become the world’s best travel agent! She’s not actually a travel agent, but she totally could be! We first visited Panama together almost three years ago when we were first married. This time around, both my mom and older brother joined us for the trip as well as Stephen’s immediate family. Besides exploring the towering skyscrapers of Panama, relaxing on the beach, and visiting the well known San Blas islands on the Caribbean side, we were actually visiting for an even more important reason. For the last four years, Stephen’s sister Laura has been teaching at a school overseas just outside Panama City. A little over a year ago, she met an amazing guy named Jovanni and this trip was time for the wedding! We’re so happy for them and think Jovanni is the perfect new addition to the family! We’ll be blogging their full wedding photos and video soon, so stay tuned!

Besides having extra family along with us, we decided if we were going to shoot a family member’s wedding, we would need some help. Our dear friends and past TréCreative couple Caleb&Brittney flew out from the blizzarding tundra of Minnesota to join us! Traveling with fellow photographers is so fun! We actually were in a few photos on this trip which can be rare since we’re the ones behind the camera 😀 We even did a little photo swap that I’ll be blogging soon!

Below are two different days of well known Panama “excursions” we experienced as a group. The first is an indigenous tribe in a small village we visited. This specific tribal group is located in the jungle about an hour outside of Panama city. We took a small boat ride down the river to their village where they showed us around their living spaces and even did a tribal dance. They were all so warm and hospitable to us!

The second part of the photos is from our favorite excursion in Panama, the San Blas Islands located off the coast on the Caribbean side. There are around 150 tiny little islands in the middle of the ocean. The surrounding water is crystal clear and the perfect location for floating, fishing and snorkeling. There is no cell service out here, so you literally feel like you’re relaxing on a deserted island. This was our second time out to the San Blas Islands and it is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. The views are breathtaking!!

If it were up to me, I’d spend a few days on these islands. There’s something so magical about being in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but be completely present, relax or read a book. Social media is an amazing tool that can connect us all, it has also been a huge platform for our own growth. However, sometimes it’s important to turn off and completely unplug. Stephen and I were very intentional about spending a minimal time “working” on this trip. No matter what career path you’re in, I highly recommend taking the time to get away and recharge. This has been huge for us in our business because let’s be honest, we all need a break from our computers and phones. This trip was amazing and we’re so thankful for the relationships and people we got to travel with! Enjoy some of our Panamanian adventures below!

Panama Indian tribal wear

Indian hut in the jungle outside of Panama City

Indian people in Panama greeting an American boat of tourists

inhabited jungle in Panama

Panama indian people doing a ceremonial dance

boat dock in the middle of a jungle

tribal wear in Panama

the jungle landscape in Panama

American taking a selfie with an group of indians

Group photo of TréCreative while they visited Panama together

boat dock in the jungles of Panama

two little Panamanian indian kids

big group of American tourists visit Indians in the jungle of Panama

tribal dance taken by a destination photographer from California

San blas tours

San Blas island tours in Panama

two destination wedding photographers go to Panama

Big palm trees in the middle of the Caribbean ocean

San Blas island tours

palm tree leaves

San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama in the Caribbean ocean

fresh fish caught by the cunna Indians in Panama

San Blas island tours taken by Americans from California

coconuts on the shores of Panama

California destination wedding photographer travels to Panama for a wedding and visits the San Blas Islands

San Blas Island tour

fresh food for lunch caught by the indians in Panama

island tours

Destination wedding photographers visit Panama

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