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Welcome to the TréCreative blog! We are Stephen&Chelsey, the husband and wife team behind TréCreative Film&Photo. We love going on adventures together and finding new ways to love our TréCreative family. On our blog, you’ll get to meet our amazing couples, see some of our adventures unfold, and hear about wedding day tips&tricks! We’re so glad you’re here!

Woodland Park Zoo Seattle, Washington Wedding Film – Ben&Grace

Ben&Grace’s Woodland Park Zoo Seattle wedding film is up on the TréCreative blog today!


Click below to watch Ben&Grace’s wonderful wedding film:

Pro Tip: On your wedding day, you can do whatever you want! Ben&Grace did just that, with an exploding volcano, spontaneous dance parties, and live animal experiences for their guests. They weren’t afraid to stay within the traditional wedding box and we absolutely love that!

Their wedding was held at the Woodland Park Zoo in the heart of Seattle, Washington and we were privileged to travel up there to capture their joy through photography and videography. Editing this film we couldn’t help but smile all the way through, these two’s joy and love for life is just contagious. When they get together, it’s fun all around! We feel so honored to have been able to capture a glimpse of this lovely relationship and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two!

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