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TréCreative HEIRLOOM Albums 

A timeless keepsake for those who are leaving a legacy.

*Note: The pricing included on this page is for a la carte album sales, if an album was included with your wedding experience, disregard the pricing below.

Included with your wedding experiences was a 10 spread (50 images), 10x10 Leather OR Linen album. If you would like to add more images, see the chart under the EXTRAS section below. To get started, watch the short overview video below!



Choose Your Size (a la carte only)



Step 2 


(included in original pricing)


Leather Covers
(+$225 for a la carte albums)


Step 3 

Optional Extras


Additional Images

If you want an album that shows off even more of your favorite photos, additional spreads may be added. For each spread added it will add an additional $29/spread to your final album investment. Reference this chart based on how many images you favorited to see how many additional spreads to add.



Another way to display a favorite photo is in the form of custom wall art. We can create canvas prints for you in any size. Let us know what size fits your home best and we can send you over a quote! Popular sizes are 16x24”, 20x30”, and 30x40”. If your wedding experience included album credit, that is enough for the 16x24” size. If you’d like to upgrade to a larger size, let us know and we can send over the current pricing.


Step 4 


Please email Stephen at when you have selected your favorites, any size changes, duplicate albums, cover options and extras!

Albums typically arrive within 4-8 weeks of placing your order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does “Flush Mount Album” mean?
A: The Flush Mount has an artsy, timeless look where our album quality lab prints are mounted permanently and flush to each page. Between each side there is a split so that the book will lay completely flat when opened and photos will be undistorted.

Q: What is a “spread”?
A: A spread consists of two sides (pages), left and right. A side is one half of a full layout or spread. A 10-spread album would contain 20 sides. Our graphic designers unite the two pages visually to work together to create one cohesive narrative. Our designs are classic and timeless, with white borders and a minimalistic feel.

Q: Do you recommend a particular album size for wedding albums?
A: It really depends on your personal preference. However, we prefer the 10x10 or the 12x12 for weddings. Our own wedding album is a 12x12 with a timeless Ardesia brown leather cover. The 8x8 and 4x4s are our most popular options for parent albums. The 8x8 is great for around the house, and the 4x4 is great for keeping in a purse for on-the-go!

Q: Is there any difference in pricing if I order more than 1 album?
A: We do not offer any discounts if you are ordering duplicate albums, as the work it takes to print and bind is the same for each album.

Q: How many photos should I choose for my album?
A: See the chart above for recommendations. 50 images are included in our base pricing, but more can be added as desired.

Q: How many design revisions am I allowed?
A: Our album designers are great to work with and allow for unlimited revisions. They’re so talented, chances are you’ll be happy the first time you see the album preview! If there are any changes needed however, just let them know and they’ll make the revisions and send you another proof before finalizing the album.

Q: How do I approve the album design?
A: After our designers finish your album, an email will be sent with a link to preview the album virtually. Simply click the link and view your album. From there you can write comments for the designer about any changes that need to be made to the album. We’ll walk you through this if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Q: How long does the design and album production process take?
A: Once you have chosen your favorite photos, you will be emailed the first version of your design within 7-10 business days. After we receive your approval of this design we will send your design to album production. The album production process takes between 14-21 business days depending on the order load.