Our Roles

The number one question we get at TréCreative is how? How do we create our timeless wedding photos and cinematic wedding films, what are our roles...

Just like our roles in marriage, our strengths compliment each other's weaknesses. Photography and videography are similar. Each plays a unique role that compliments the other and together they are better.

You cannot hang a video on your wall like you would a photo. You cannot hear your vows when looking at a photo like you will in your wedding film. That's why we believe these two creative expressions of capturing your wedding are best when paired together. 

Together, they create an experience that is unparalleled. An artistic expression of one of your happiest memories that lasts a lifetime and beyond...just like your marriage and your love for one another.




Combination Experiences

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Photography & Videography Wedding ExperienceS

Our most popular choice among TréCreative brides is one of our combination photography and videography packages. These experiences are all inclusive. They begin with a complimentary engagement session where we get to know you two better. On the wedding day we will be there from start to finish. After the wedding, many of our couples will invest in a leather bound wedding album as their first family heirloom. 



  • On the wedding day, Chelsey is the main photographer and Stephen is the main videographer.
  • We also bring along a TréCreative Certified assistant who helps with additional angles.
  • For the cinematic wedding films many camera angles are used to ensure we tell your story in a way that is meaningful and memorable.
  • After the wedding Chelsey will edit the photos and Stephen will edit the wedding videos.



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Photography ONLY Wedding ExperienceS

We are currently offering a selection of Photography only experiences. Many include an engagement session, full day wedding coverage and an online gallery of all your wedding and engagement photos. After your wedding, you will be able to print timeless art for the walls of your home. Our couples often choose to display their photos in one of our signature wedding books. These albums will be passed on for generations to come.



  • For your engagement session, both Chelsey and Stephen will be there to help coach and guide you though the process.
  • On the wedding day, Chelsey and Stephen are your photographers and bring their six years of experience to your wedding day.



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Videography Only Wedding Experiences

Each season at TréCreative we take on a limited number of videography only experiences. We bring our cinema cameras, audio gear and cinema expertise to your wedding day ready to capture the best possible narrative. Wedding films are one of the best ways to truly relive your wedding day over and over again. Years later, you will be able to look back on the subtle glances between young lovers, the way your dress moved in the wind, and the sound of your vows as you tightly grasped each others hands and said yes to forever.



  • On the wedding day, Stephen and Chelsey will be your main videographer.
  • To ensure we can capture your story from start to finish, all videography experiences include full day coverage.
  • After the wedding, Chelsey approves the perfect music to license while Stephen assembles and edits the wedding story.