Chico California Commercial Videographer - Novolink Voice Controlled LED String LightsNOT

Last September it was 80° outside and we threw a Christmas party!

The reason? We were shooting a commercial for Novolink's new wireless LED lights. They wanted to show the lights being used all year, so in two days we celebrated Christmas, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July and more.

This project was created for Novolink’s online advertising as well as to be on display at Home Depot alongside the lights for sale this Holiday Season.


Producer: TréCreative

Director of Photography: Stephen Diaz

Production Designer / Prop Master: Liz Sluis

Assistant Production Design: Maggie & Aubrey Sluis

Screenwriter: Jordan Koons

Location Manager: Ashley DeKellis, Heirloom & Fox

Wardrobe Supervisor: Shannon McConney

Editor: Jordan Koons, Stephen Diaz

Composer: The Light The Heat


Mom: Shannon McConney
Dad: Scott McConney
Kids: Durie & Auden
Friends/Extras: Matt Stone, Katie Freitas, Maggie Sluis, Lanie Alves, Dan Sluis, Chelsey Diaz, Tyler Schnelli, Liz Sluis, Rylee Smith, Timothy Weeden, Caleb Oosterhouse, Taletha Weeden, Taco the Bearded Dragon

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