Chico Commercial Videographer - COE Orchard Equipment

COE Orchard Equipment is based here in Northern California where they service the many farmers in the area, some of which are right here in Chico. The crazy thing we learned about them through are they are one of the largest shaker manufacturers in the WORLD! They actually ship these machines all over, as far as Argentina!

This year they revamped their entire line of shaker equipment so they reached out wanting to create some product feature videos for their latest and greatest orchard tech.

Many wouldn't think tech and orchards go together, however, technological innovation has always been huge for the farming industry. COE knows that. Their mission is to “manufacture innovative harvesting equipment to be used for a diverse and expanding global market of tree fruit, nut, and olive crops”.

If you knew how much technology the agriculture industry is using today it would amaze you. From sensors on the trees, to drones flying overhead to survey water levels and growth, the innovation is endless.

We were surprised by how intricate and precise COE’s machines are. They are very powerful, yet can be gentle and smooth with the trees at the same time. Some fruit isn’t allowed to touch the ground so some machines even shake and catch the fruit then conveyor belt them off into boxes.

Those boxes were later picked up by another one of their machines to be transported elsewhere. To think they used to have people shaking these trees onto tarps manually, these machines save so much time it’s a no-brainer. I love any way I can to automate or innovate in our own business and I’m sure if I was in the Ag industry, I’d be drooling over one of these COE machines for myself like I do with new camera gear. We shot these films on our RED camera for the high speed slow motion footage as well as being able to pull high resolution still photos straight from the footage.