Chico Commercial Videographer - School Of Empowered Ministry

Online courses are becoming a huge trend in 2018 and we see it continuing to increase in demand over the years. As people are moving from traditional education to alternative education, many different online classes and in person trainings are popping up all over. If you want to learn a new skill, there’s probably a class for it somewhere!

The School of Empowered Ministry is the first of its kind here in Chico, CA. It’s a Christian supernatural ministry school that trains and empowers people in their relationship with God. Now at first, this sounds like something out of a Harry Potter movie, but when we heard more we were intrigued. At this school they focus on helping people develop a closer relationship with God and then teach practical ways to partner with God to step into a life of miracles.

This film was created to promote the new school through Facebook ads. These types of open-ended creative films are always fun because they allow for a good deal of inspiration and creativity mixed in.