Six Year Anniversary Photos - Dallas Texas


While we were in Dallas a few weeks ago for a conference, we scheduled an anniversary session with the talented Jennefer Wilson. I met Jenn at a photographer’s conference in Georgia several years ago and we hit it off. Since then, I’ve always loved and continued to follow her beautiful fine art work!

As artists, we believe it’s vital to get in front of the camera at least once a year for a session of our own. We also want to always remember each year of marriage. To take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and just be together! We always are learning something new about ourselves, about our relationship, and we always are learning new ways to love our couples along the way! From planning our outfits to getting my makeup done, this experience is always a fresh reminder of what our engaged couples go through when planning their own sessions with us.

Whenever we have our yearly travel planned out, if everything aligns, we take advantage of having our anniversary photos taken all over the United States. We’ve had photos taken in New Orleans,  Charleston, Arizona and California.

Once we found out we were heading to Dallas, I quickly reached out to Jenn to see if she was available. We love the art she captured and will always remember this evening as a super special time to reflect on the last incredible six years of marriage.

God has been so faithful in our business and marriage. He has opened new doors we never could have dreamed up, he has brought us closer together and deserves all the credit for the success we’ve ever had.

If we could sum up year six of marriage it would be we’re more confident more than ever that our greatest strengths are such a compliments for one another. Where I am weak, Stephen fills the gaps. My strengths perfectly equip and make our lives better. If you would have asked us six years ago where we would be now, we probably would have been so shocked in a good way. It’s hard to create a five year plan moving forward because the last six years have looked so much better than what we could have dreamed up. We still have expectations and a vision for what we want ahead. We’ve just learned to hold those dreams loosely because sometimes God wants to do exceedingly more than we could have ever ask or imagine and that’s what he’s done in our marriage and business in the last six years!

Happy six years Stephen!

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