OUR Story starts off in high school...

After nine months of getting to know each other, we jumped into a rollercoaster of a long-distance relationship for the next four years.

From holiday breaks to summers spent working at a camp in the Santa Cruz mountains, we took every chance we could to see each other. We’ll always be thankful for that time working together—it was the thing that spurred this love for working alongside one another, a place where we grew the most, and the spot Stephen later proposed!

In those years, Stephen pursued a degree in film production and always knew he would become a creative entrepreneur. Chelsey had other plans, but as soon she picked up a camera she fell in love.

Soon after, TréCreative was founded and became our next adventure. TréCreative has grown over time and now takes us all over the world capturing stories through photo and video.

We truly believe marriage is a grand adventure.