Chico Video Production and COMMERCIAL VIDEOGRAPHY


Chico, California Video Production Company

We have traveled from our home base of Chico, CA all over California and beyond creating commercial films for businesses and entrepreneurs with a story to tell through video. These projects have a huge range in variety and we love working alongside other visionaries is in need of quality video production for their company. Below are a few examples of the type of commercial films we love to create.

Kickstarter Video Production

One of the main styles of commercial videography TréCreative has become known for is our crowdfunding films for sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We’ve worked with so many clients in this realm we even created a dedicated website for our Kickstarter Video Production services. It has been our honor to be the ones to help these companies create powerful visuals that help them successfully launch their new products into the world.

Watch the PorTable, Engo, Novilink, Huv, or LunaTac films below for some examples of a kickstarter style film.

“About Us” and company profile style Video Production

The second most popular style when it comes to our Chico Video Production side of TréCreative is helping businesses tell their origin story. These company profile films are the best way to let your customer know, like, and trust you and your business before they even pick up the phone or walk in the door. These films typically are used for About Pages on our client’s websites, or on social media channels.

Watch the Eric&Carey, Tami Faulkner, Rising Tide Society, or the Walnut Story for some examples of this style film.

Mini Documentary and Testimonial Style Filmmaker

These commercial films are one of our favorites because they truly can connect with an audience on such a deep level. They often feature interviews and real life footage from events all brought together to craft a beautiful story that moves the viewer. These films can be in the form of testimonials for businesses, personal stories, or even life events like pregnancy films.

Watch the Cody Film, Serving Our Community, or the Allie May Payton Jane Twinventure Birth Story, or Ned Hawkins below for examples of this style film.

Social Media Content Creation and Facebook Ad or YouTube Advertisement Style Video Production

Most of the films we create in this category are short, sweet and to the point. We have extensive marketing experience and love to incorporate that knowledge into making films that actually pay for themselves! We know hiring a professional filmmaker can be an expensive venture. As marketers, we will help you create the perfect advertisements and commercials for your business, service or product. These films work great in social media ads like Facebook, YouTube, and even as Vertical Instagram Swipe Up ads.