We Cried When We READ This Email...

Stephen & Chelsey, I want to first start with a huge thank you for being there to capture our most special day. We’ve absolutely loved working with you two from our first meeting to the wedding last weekend. The thought you guys put into the details between the engagement session and the wedding does not go unnoticed.

I also wanted to share with you a little story... My Grandma had a heart attack Thursday night before the wedding. It was a stressful and long night at the hospital but she pulled through and I got to go visit her before I got ready on Saturday and she was doing so much better, although wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding. I told her I had lots of pictures and a video coming and she would be able to pretend she was there!

My Grandma came home this past Monday and was admitted back into the hospital Friday evening. On Saturday my dad and I went to go visit with her and I brought up the photos that you guys had posted from the wedding, as well as a short video from the father-daughter dance. The moment she saw those pictures her face lit up. She couldn’t stop smiling and the tears of happiness and joy kept flowing. My Grandma passed away later that evening.

I can’t explain how grateful I feel to have gotten to share those couple of photos with her that day. And as we’ve begun preparing for her funeral, it’s become abundantly clear how special photos really are.

We spent hours last night going through all of the photo albums she’s put together over the years. She has an album for each child and grandchild plus an entire closet full of family reunion photos, camping trips, weddings, birthday dinners, etc. It’s these photographs that allow us to relive the past and keep those memories close to heart.

So, thank you. I’m sure you’ve been told this a hundred times before but what you two do is so special and so important.
— Heather&Danny