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Life always seems to be busy, there never seems to be enough minutes in our day to get everything done. We've learned that in hectic seasons, making time to spend with each other is crucial. If we don't schedule in time for going on a date it may not happen. Don't get us wrong, we are all about going on spontaneous adventures around Chico, which we love :D

For us, we have found that Wednesday mornings are our "date days". We sleep in just a little bit, and before answering any emails or starting editing, we head to one of our favorite breakfast places in Chico called Sin of Cortez. It's a great little break in our week and it has been wonderful to share that special time with one another where no TréCreative talk is allowed :D This allows us to dream together, pray and recharge before we head home to our computers.

After being a bride and groom ourselves and talking with so many of our wonderful couples, we've learned that the weeks leading up to the wedding day can be a bit stressful! For me, there were a million little details I had to check off my list and certain things we couldn't do until just days before the wedding. Those "To Do" lists are important, but they should never be more important than focusing on the reason you're getting married, your future spouse :) Your wedding day is important but your life-long marriage is SO much more important! 

As we prepared for our special day, we were constantly talking about our wedding details. So much so, it seemed easy to get wrapped up in the the actual event, instead of the deeper meaning behind our marriage. We were encouraged by someone much wiser than us, to set time aside for each other where "wedding talk" was not allowed. We love this advice so much, we recommend it to all our couples!

So whether your wedding is this week, next month, next year or you've been married for ten years, take time for each other this week! Maybe its a Wednesday morning breakfast date here in Chico, or a Sunday evening coffee run. Either way, just take time for what matters most, each other!

Some of our good friends (and a past TréCreative bride and groom), Cody&Brittany are masters of creative date ideas! They love each other so well and these amazing dates, which started when they barely knew each other, continued after their wedding to this very day! A few weeks back we texted them to see if they would be willing to share some expert Chico date ideas on the TréCreative blog. What we received back is true genius, get ready to be inspired and try some of these super fun dates below! A lot of the date ideas may be Chico-specific, so for our out-of-town couples you'll have to remix them to fit your local area.

Enjoy friends!



  • Rent a tandem bike and ride through lower park.

  • Book a private meal or picnic with a local food truck.

  • Go to Skyway golf driving range and nearby Italian cottage for dinner afterwards.

  • Take your favorite coffee drinks up to lookout point on Skyway and watch the sunset.

  • Drive up above Forest Ranch in the wintertime when there's snow with sleds and forge your own sledding hill.

  • Go to farmers market and buy flowers then get a treat (like special teas and pie by the slice at Sweet Cottage).

  • Make homemade hot chocolate and take it to the free observatory in Upper Park for some star gazing.

  • Kirshner's Wildlife Refuge! Call ahead of time and ask if there are any special animals you can get one-on-one time with, we got to hold a baby bear! It'll probably cost you a bit extra, but totally worth it!

  • Get Big Al's shakes and create your own drive in movies by borrowing a projector from someone and hanging a white sheet on the side of your house.

  • Pack up a picnic and take a bike ride down to eat and swim at One Mile. If you're really adventurous, grab the mountain bike and ride up to Bear Hole!

  • Sandwich making competition! If you're feeling nice, cut the sandwiches in half and you each get one half.

  • Play mini golf at Funland and then get ice cream cones at Shuberts.

  • PUMPKIN DAY! In the Fall, go to a local pumpkin patch and buy pumpkins, then go home and carve them, eat pumpkin flavored treats (like from Upper Crust) and drink Pumpkin Lattes (our favorite is from the Bidwell Perk).

  • Dress up like cowboys, and go shooting at a gun range and go to Smokin' Mo's after!

  • Go geocaching, always a good time.

  • Take your favorite board/card games with you to Empire Coffee, a local coffee shop inside an old train car.

  • Bake the most delicious cookies and surprise deliver them to your friends around town.

  • Morning Thunder breakfast then tubing down Butte Creek!

WOW, what can we say. Cody&Brittany knocked it out of the park on this one, you two ROCK! Now everyone else reading, have a creative idea for a date in Chico or elsewhere? Post it in the comments below!

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