Anniversary Photos Year Two - TréCreative

Although our two year marriage anniversary was back in March and 2016 is right around the corner, it is NEVER too late to have anniversary photos taken! It's our goal to do an anniversary session every year of our marriage with a different photographer from around the country. We think being on the other side of the camera is a vital and important part of being a photographer. We need to constantly be aware of the feelings emotions that many of our couples experience when getting their own photos taken. Every time we step onto the other side of the camera we learn something so valuable, and this time was no different! 

Caroline Logan was the amazing photographer who took our anniversary photos this year and she totally killed it!! We love our photos SO much and have even made some into canvases for our home already! Seriously Caroline, THANK YOU! We will treasure these for years to come!

We've been saying this a lot, but we are heading into a season filled with lots of engagement sessions! We love these sessions and thought after getting our photos taken we should pass along a few tips that we thought about after getting our own photos taken. 

1. Outfits

Choose outfits that you feel comfortable and confident in! Often times as women, we can tend to be insecure about certain body parts or how we look in photos. Trust me, this is no different for me! This is a struggle that I am working through! But when it came time for our own photos I wanted to cover the areas I was insecure about so that my own insecurities didn't ruin my photo experience. For me, I'm insecure about my arms. In working through this, I chose outfits that I felt confident in and that covered the area I'm insecure about. I splurged and bought a lovely Anthropologie dress I had been eyeing that matched perfectly with TréCreative colors and also covered my arms. Now when I look at these photos, my first thoughts aren't "Ew look at my arms". Instead it's "Oh wow, these are amazing and I feel confident!"  

2. Makeup

Have your makeup professionally done! I could have totally done my own normal makeup for this shoot, but I wanted it to look extra good for these photos. I knew that also doing this would boost my confidence and take the stress of me worrying about doing my makeup myself. I highly recommend doing your wedding trial right before engagement photos or having the same makeup artist do your makeup! If you need makeup recommendations let us know, happy to send some awesome ones your way!

3. Photographer

When getting your photos taken it's important you choose someone who you feel comfortable with. Caroline did an amazing job making us feel comfortable and put us at ease from the moment we stepped out of the car. We can't stress this enough, but make sure you jive with your wedding photographer because you will likely spend more time with them than any other vendor or even family member on your big day!

4. Nerves

You have complete permission to feel a little awkward and feel a little nervous! Even though Stephen and I knew what to expect and take photos for a living we were still a little nervous and probably looked a little awkward in the first set of photos. That's totally okay! A talented photographer's job is to coach you through the session and give you encouragement along the way! Trust me, by the end you'll totally be a pro and it will feel so much more natural!

That's all for now! If you're having photos taken soon with us or another photographer, hopefully this helps you out in your journey! If you know someone getting photos taken soon, pass this along to them!



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