3 Reasons Why We Switched to Standing Desks


Whenever we find a product that has changed the way we run our business or improved the quality of our lives, we feel obligated to share about it!

In the last six months, Stephen and I have transitioned to using standing desks. Our office is slowly being transformed into a work area that is functional and makes us feel inspired. We have dreams to style it in a way that matches TréCreative branding but for now, the little changes we've made with paint and these new desk setups have been huge milestones.

In my opinion, Stephen is a pioneer when it comes to tech gadgets and knowing all about the latest and greatest. It was no surprise that he found out about standing desks way before there was so much buzz about them. We knew we wanted to get these type of desks for a few years but weren't ready to commit until changing around our office space. For the longest time, we each had our own white desks but what we really wanted to create was a larger longer working space. Because Stephen and I have such a height difference, we had our friend build us a white long desk that spans the whole wall and we bought Vadidesk standing desks that lay on top and adjust to whatever height we need. That way we have the option to sit or stand if we want to. I'm so thankful we made this switch when we did and love the health benefits that have come along with not sitting all day long!

Below are three main reasons why we switched to Standing Desks.

  1. Increased Energy - I don't know about you, but typically in the afternoon around 3pm or 4pm I start to feel fatigued and a little less motivated. We've found that standing has increased our productivity and hasn't made us feel as tired in the afternoon. Now, we still totally lounge on our comfy couch and answer emails from time to time, but when we're working in our office that means it's crunch time. Both Stephen and I edit from our office and standing up for this editing has made all the difference.
  2. Bye Bye Back Pain - We don't know about you, but when we were sitting at our desks for extended periods of time, our posture became worse and worse. Standing desks have made us more conscious of our posture and even reminded us to stand up straight and stretch every once and awhile!
  3. Creates Movement - I found that after a few days of using a standing desk, I became much more mobile throughout my working day. Because I was standing, I would find myself doing squats in between exports, stretching or shifting my weight from side to side.

If you have any other questions about standing desks, please let us know. We love our new set ups and think you will to!