Chautauqua Park Colorado Engagement Photography - Aaron&Bri

  We love getting to travel and last week we were able to go to Chautauqua Park Colorado for an engagement session!

What an awesome experience it was to travel to Colorado for Aaron&Bri's engagement photography session. We started right in the heart of Denver at one of their favorite restaurants, the Ale House. Their favorite drink to get together is the Moscow Mule, which comes in amazingly cold custom copper mugs. After that, we headed to a few spots close by and off to Boulder for their final spot in the beautiful Chautauqua Park.

It seemed like everywhere in the Chautauqua Park were beautiful colors and amazing views on the stunning mountain tops.

Aaron&Bri had just gotten a puppy and knew they had to bring her along for some of their engagement photos. Her name is Tulo (named after Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies) and just looking at her will make your heart melt, she is too cute!!! We've been loving seeing Instagram updates of Tulo, they always put smiles on our faces.

Aaron&Bri we are so thankful for our time spent with you! We cannot wait to see you again soon at your Cabo San Lucas, Mexico wedding :D

P.S. tell Tulo we say hello ;)


Any animal lovers out there? If so keep scrolling through the next set of photos, meet Tulo the Boxer puppy! Let me just tell you, she is too sweet!

When up on the cliffside, we just couldn't resist taking this photo, SIMBA!