Commercial Videographer in Northern California - CrossFit Documentary Films with Cody & Jandi

We recently were given the opportunity by a local CrossFit gym here in Chico, CA to tell the stories of two amazing people - Cody and Jandi. Both of which have incredible transformation stories. After making the films we reached out to CrossFit headquarters and they liked them so much they wanted to publish them in their international journal! These films ended up going live and hundreds of thousands of CrossFit fans saw them, how cool!

After we sat down and began Cody and Jandi’s interviews both of them expressed their desire for their stories to inspire others to pursue change when it comes to their health.

Cody speaks about how he had always been a “big kid” growing up and how that affected his view of himself. He states, “I had this warped idea that people didn't like me because I was overweight. Growing up thats kinda what you think. You think that every single bad thing that happens you - oh, it’s because I’m fat.”

He told us that he knows that there are many kids, and adults out there, that feel the same way.

Cody’s story of perseverance and commitment to change is seriously inspirational, no matter where you’re at in your health journey! By sharing his story he hopes to share the truth behind his success, a commitment to himself and to never giving up!

Jandi has a achieved a similar transformation to Cody. She mentions a story that so many can relate to, body changes and gaining weight in her college years and during “work life”. She recalls, “Health has always been something that was important to me, I think I kinda just lost sight of it. I really committed myself to my job. I’d work late nights and weekends. I was always surrounded by junk food”. Jandi is not alone, in fact, many of her co-works were able to empathize with her testimony. Even more so with what she stated later when she said, “We all come from different walks of life, but we all have a common goal of being the best we can be”.

It is always a special honor to be asked to document personal triumphs and victories, these were no exception. As a videographer, capturing testimonies like these always stand out from the rest. We can’t help but be inspired! Enjoy the stories of Cody & Jandi below.