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San Francisco Commercial Video - Crossfit Journal Robert Strawder

“I remember scanning the room left to right, my dresser is on fire, my shoes are on fire, my hat rack is on fire. Everything is on fire. As it coming around, the fire made it's way towards my bed. Which out of some miracle had not caught on fire yet.”

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Commercial Videographer in Northern California - CrossFit Documentary Films with Cody & Jandi

I recently was given the opportunity by North Rim Corssfit here in Chico CA to tell the stories of two amazing people - Cody and Jandi. Both of which have incredible transformation stories. After we sat down and began their interviews both of them expressed their desire for their stories to inspire others to pursue change….

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Memorable Monday - Our New Obsession

Things have really heated up in Chico temperature-wise which has been a good reminder to keep our water bottles constantly refilled when sitting next to our desks!

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