Destination Videographer for Weddings - Kennebunkport, Maine & Maple Rock Farms - Phil&Emily


Every year we get the privilege of traveling to new destinations for weddings. This East Coast wedding was extra special however, because the groom Phil is a childhood friend of mine!

Before my family moved out to California, we lived in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois called Wheaton. It was in Wheaton that we met the Whiteman family and Phil and I connected right away. After many years of fun memories, I moved out of state and didn't think I'd see these friends much again.

To my surprise, when I enrolled in a college in Southern California, so did a lot of my past Wheaton crew. Phil was one of those friends and we had a blast starting our fun back up right where we left off. While in college, Chelsey would come to visit and it was there where she got to meet some of this Wheaton crew from my early years. She would say how much she liked being around them because she was able to learn more about me through the process. After meeting them and hearing our stories, she felt that she understood me better.

Phil met Emily briefly while she also attended the same college, but they rarely ran into each other during those years. Fast forward four years after and it was a wedding where these two met. One of Emily's good friends was getting married to one of Phil's good friends! Naturally, they were both in the bridal party. Towards the end of the night Phil asked Emily to dance but it was too late. The music had faded and the party was wrapping up.

The next day they said their goodbyes at the airport but the memory of one another stuck in each other's minds. They kept in touch online and before they knew it, short messages turned into long messages, phone calls turned into trips to see one another. Their relationship grew closer and closer, stronger day by day. About a year before the wedding, Phil proposed. Their wedding website sets the scene perfectly:

Philip led Emily to a light-adorned backyard, ring in pocket. Under glowing lights and with Sigur Ros playing on Philip's childhood speakers and neighbors' fireworks in the air Philip asked Emily to marry him, to which Emily replied "of course."  They spent the rest of the night picnicking on strawberries, champagne, and dark chocolate under the lights in Philips backyard, dreaming of the future now together. 

When it came time for their wedding, they chose a destination spot on the coast of Maine. The day was filled with joy and we loved capturing it through photo and video. Watch and listen in on Phil&Emily's wedding day story below. We're so excited for these two and the years of continual love and life ahead.