Diamonds Have Been On Our Mind...


While I’m adventuring around Europe and having the time of my life with my mom, Stephen is doing a wonderful job holding down the fort for the both of us back home at TréCreative. He’s so great! Before we left, we had such a great conversation. It’s never taken much for us to dive deep and challenge one another. I love that about us. Before I left, we were talking about diamonds…


No… not buying diamonds…although I wouldn’t oppose that!

Here’s what you may or may not know about Diamonds. Diamonds are created under intense pressure. They are complex yet composed of just simple carbon. The very thing that makes up everything. The building block of life that makes up you and me both. Under intense pressure and heat, something amazing and valuable is created.

Recently, we did something really scary…

Stephen always jokes with people that he’s an introvert, but can extrovert when needed. He don’t always love turning the camera around on himself. So it doesn’t take long for you to realize that when Stephen really believes in something, he can’t help but share. That’s why in the last few months, he might have been filling your feed as he has shared about our passive income journey so far.

Over the past 4-5 months he’s been secretly working on an in-depth online course that shows people step-by-step how to generate a passive income stream online through Amazon. I say Stephen, because it’s mostly been him. I still play a role in this, but it’s mostly him pouring tons and tons of hours into this. I like to call myself the support team. I’m the one he runs everything by and help fine tune things along the way.

When he launched this Amazon FBA course earlier this month…we had a choice. We could offer the course for a low price point and try to teach as many people as possible…
OR he could stack the value, add some bonuses, and transform the course into a full on experience. Offering it only to those willing to invest a higher price point into themselves.

We decided to go with the second option. Not only because the course is packed with value, there is another huge reason why…

We want to make diamonds.

We’ve seen how impactful this business has been on our own lives, and we know this information is worth so much MORE than we’re we’re charging for this full coaching experience. But even at the price we did offer it at, it was scary for a lot of students to sign up. Some are taking a big risk, they are putting pressure on themselves to make this worth it.

What gets us excited is we know this will produce the absolute best stories…

How there was pressure, there was heat, and something valuable was created. Diamonds.

We cannot wait to share these success stories with you all soon.

Ask yourself this…
In your business, are you looking for a way out? Or are you committed recklessly to your success?

It was Grant Cardone who said he got rich by staying broke. He would literally invest all the money he had earned to the point where he was living paycheck to paycheck.

Now while we don’t recommend taking it THIS far…if you can stomach it, do what you need to do to create a little bit of pressure for yourself.
Raise the stakes, take a little risk. Make it so that you have to…that you NEED to succeed.

You got this!

Sometimes we all need a little healthy pressure. That pressure motivates us to keep going when we feel like giving up.

Along the way as we’ve run our own business we’ve learned valuable lessons about not giving up. Not even having giving up as an option. In everything we do, we put everything on line.
Planning a “safe route out” often times feel so comfortable, but when you’re willing to step outside the box and risk, to not even give yourself a Plan B… that’s where true explosive growth comes from.

We’re seen this time and time again both in our lives and in others in our industry. Tony Robbins always tells the story of Cortez, who burned the ships upon arrival in Mexico. He knew they would only be successful with their conquest if there was no way back.

So we hope this leaves you feeling inspired, to keep pushing, keep putting in the work. If you have a plan b in your business…forget about it. You’ve got this!