Easter Weekend Recap - TréCreative Personal Life

We hope you and your family had a fabulous Easter weekend whether it was spent at church, with family, or just another relaxing weekend off, we hope it was absolutely wonderful! Due to the power outage across Butte county we had to postpone this weekend recap until today. By the time the power had gone back on, we were finishing up some editing and about to head out the door for an engagement session!

Saturday was spent with both families celebrating Stephen's grandpa's 90 birthday. 90 years of living, that is crazy! Stephen's grandpa has seen so much changes over the years. Let me tell you, he has SO many fun stories to share. Stephen's mom Shirley read a little summary of his life to honor and share the great legacy he is leaving behind. It brought me (Chelsey) to tears thinking about the amazing family I married into and the legacy of serving and generosity that has been passed down from Stephen's grandparents.

Not pictured but definitely missed is Stephen's sister Laura who is teaching in Panama! (Thanks for the iPhone photo dad).

On Sunday, we did a fundraiser for a upcoming service trip to Mexico our high schoolers are going on. All the proceeds are going back to homeless families in Mexico who will soon finally have their own home! Thank you to everyone who came out and let us take your picture, we are so grateful!

In between the families who were arriving for this fundraiser shoot, I had the great idea to take some photos of each other for our website. Stephen started out first and took photos of me, where I tried my best to put my non-existent modeling skills to the test. And well Stephen, you'll just have to see his hilarious interpretation of my modeling skills. Some of you may or may not know this, but Stephen can be hilarious and quite the goofball if he wants to be. I absolutely love him for it. So we hope these photos give you a good laugh and will cure any middle of the week blues you may be having!


This is clearly my favorite and I couldn't stop laughing!