Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Nashville Takeaways


A little over two weeks ago Stephen and I attended one of the top internet marketing conferences, Funnel Hacking Live. Stephen had attended the year prior in Florida and raved about the conference. As much as we love getting to know other photographers and videographers at industry specific conferences, we’ve made a big point to get outside of our main industry to learn from others too.

Over the years, our business has taken on new twists and turns. We launched several e-commerce products, run a great AirBNB business, we have an Instagram software we manage, we offer passive income coaching, and continue to work with many commercial clients throughout the year. Photography and videography is our first love and especially weddings. Being creative is something we’ll always do and we love to see how we can help others bring creativity into their own entrepreneurship journeys.

Through conferences like these and expanding our business, we’ve taken what we’ve learned and applied it to TréCreative and everything gets stronger because of it.

There were definitely a few ups and downs for us at this conference. We questioned where our business was heading, but in the end had a lot of clarity and confidence spurred. Below are several takeaways we had together while attending the conference we thought would help any creative entrepreneur who finds this blog post.

  1. People connect more with your pain than your success. - Alex Charfin

    Regardless of if you’re in the service based business, coaching, e-commerce, fitness, etc…people connect with you and your brand when you share your journey, even the struggles. Oftentimes those are the facebook lives, the blog posts or Instagram messages that you hit publish on and immediately want to hide in a corner and cringe. I’ve done that before. But then I’m so amazed at the response and deeper connection I created with my audience through being vulnerable.

  2. The most powerful force on the earth is the human soul set on fire. Jaime Cross founder of MIG.

    To become a force we must grow behind close doors. On the other side of the tip above, don’t be afraid to do some of the growth work in private before you step out into the world with confidence. Jaime spent years doing the hard work of farmer’s market selling and getting to know her audience before she blew her brand up online.

    There are no overnight success stories. It’s a journey and a process. Oftentimes the most grown comes from, putting your head down when no one is watching, showing up with integrity and building a business that loves and serves.

  3. Learn to Empower your expectations and tell yourself a better story about your future - Myron Golden

    Stephen and I love this coach, he’s truly incredibly and has shaped so much of our thinking in the last few months on wealth and mindset. Our words have more power than we realize. If you want to be an amazing photographer, then tell yourself that you are an amazing photographer. If you want to be somebody different, then start telling yourself the truth of who you want to become. It will shift your mindset and you’ll start believing who you really are.