Memorable Monday - Time to Breathe


I feel like we've been in major recovery mode this past week and into the weekend.

We had last weekend off and get this coming weekend off as well! This is SO rare for us in the middle of wedding season. If I'm being completely honest, while looking at our calendar early last year I was freaking out a little bit. I was confused at the number of wedding bookings we had. I was doubting my abilities as a photographer and putting all my value into that number. Little did I know, God would allign everything up perfectly for us. We booked several very last minute weddings and he has given us a much needed rest for two weekends right in the middle of everything. I need to remember how God is good and knows what I need way better than I do! We really needed this break because in September we have six weddings and all of them are out of town! This mid-season break has been amazing so far and we're so thankful for another weekend off next week before we dive back headfirst into weddings!

Our Week

  • Last week we hosted another Tuesday's Together at the TréCrib. This month's topic was all about social media which is constantly changing! We haven't been posting as much on Snapchat since Instagram Stories came out. Although I'm sad we aren't on Snapchat as much anymore, it's been really convenient to have everything all in one app. What are your thoughts on Instagram's recent changes? Let us know in the comments below!
  • Stephen was gone almost all day on Wednesday for a filming commercial project all over the outskirts of Chico. When he came home, our car has never looked so dirty before. He had been off-roading and was covered in dust from the rural project he had been shooting
  • We had two back to back TreBooth events this weekend for large companies here in town. To see these open air photobooth shenanigans head here!
  • Each wedding season, we always update some of our equipment to continue to keep our final product top notch. Two items we have both invested in this year are my HoldFast Straps and Stephen's new C100 MarkII Cinema Camera. Like any equipment purchase, we always ask ourselves is this going to enhance our workflow and make us better photographers and filmmakers. Since the begining of wedding season, I noticed I needed to be shooting with two camera bodies to be more fast and efficient on wedding days. I needed a dual strap harness setup to allow me to do so. Stephen surprised me for my birthday and got me the best one's around, Holdfast Straps! These have been amazing and saving my back as well! Our new C100 video camera has allowed Stephen to improve his image quality, dynamic range and look. He loves how it has everything he needs all in one package and has been loving bringing it to shoots (pictures below!).
  • On Sunday night at 8pm we decided it would be a good idea to get some yard work done :D Why we waited until the end of the night, I have no idea. But needless to say, the bushes that were starting to look a little overgrown are cut back perfectly! And it was nice and cool outside too, that was a nice plus.
VideographyChelsey Diaz