Mission Santa Clara Wedding with Villa Ragusa Reception Wedding Film - José&Laura

We knew we'd love José&Laura's wedding from the moment we met these two. They're hilarious and full of contagious joy. You can get a really good feeling for their personalities and their playful relationship by reading their love story from their wedding website...

"José and Laura met as undergrads at Loyola Marymount University, where they both worked on the campus newspaper, the Los Angeles Loyolan. José was the editor in chief who mainly wrote opinion columns that he tried a little too hard to make funny. Laura was the news editor—or as she likes to tell José, "an actual journalist." Both believed their journalistic pursuits were superior to the other's.

They began dating the month after José graduated from LMU. A year later, Laura decided to enroll in law school. Having witnessed Laura's first year and the emotional bruising it brought upon her, José decided that looked fun and went to law school too. Laura is now an attorney and José is doing his best not to think about the bar results coming out in November. [UPDATE: He's in the clear!]

Hours after his law school graduation on June 17, 2017, José proposed to Laura in her apartment in Downtown San Jose. José believes that Laura said yes, but remembers only Laura repeating "I think I'm going to barf." Four times."

José&Laura love to joke, laugh and they are always having a good time. This made their wedding day so enjoyable for us and everyone involved! There was never a dull moment. Even the Priest had some jokes up his sleeve! José&Laura are great friends and loyal to those around them. 

After beautiful toasts and a delicious plated dinner, dancing began and didn't stop celebrating for a beat until the end of the night!

Enjoy José&Laura's wedding film below, we know you will! 


p.s. if you missed the blog post with highlights of their wedding photography, head here.


Photographer - TréCreative

Videographer - TréCreative (to be notified when the video is released, click here)

Ceremony Location - Mission Santa Clara

Reception Location - Villa Regusa

Florist - Bloomsters