Northern California Forest Engagement Photography - Mason&Leah


I (Chelsey) first met Leah in elementary school and we stayed friends throughout junior high and high school. When she moved back to Chico after a few years of going to school in up Redding, we quickly started getting together for coffee and catching up on life. Soon after, she began dating Mason who became good friends with Stephen. Lets just say we have gone on several double dates with these two ;D 

Our friends have walked with us during our engagement season, encouraged us, and stood by our side through thick and thin. They have shared their hearts with us, their passions and have prayed for us countless times. They are an incredible encouragement to Stephen and I. 

As our friendship has grown, we have seen Mason&Leah's love for one another grow. It has been such a beautiful thing to watch! They are incredible servants and just being around them makes you feel so rejuvenated! 

A few Saturdays ago we headed up Highway 32 in search of the perfect mountain-esque scenery for the backdrop of this engagement photography shoot. We had been brainstorming for a few months and eagerly made our way up to the beautiful mountains. All four of us were so giddy to find the perfect locations. We ended the engagement session in a beautiful field just as the sun started to hide behind the mountains. Mason&Leah have a huge heart to travel and spread love to the world, specifically to Africa. They've added some travel themed elements to their wedding, so we thought we'd bring along some of those props to their engagement session as well :D

Mason&Leah, thank you for trusting us with your wedding photos, we are beyond excited for you two and know that God has huge plans in store for you both! We are so blessed to call you two friends!!

Love, S&C

engaged couple travels-to-forest-for-photos.jpg

For Photographers: 

We have started incorporating our 135mm 2.0L Canon Lens into all our of our portrait and wedding sessions lately. A lens we used to only use for our filmmaking, we've found that it's incredibly fast aperture allows us to get CRAZY depth of field and amazing low light performance. This lens adds a whole new depth and emotion to our photos and we are absolutely in love with the way it looks. It is also a great lens for wedding ceremonies and reception as it's very light (compared to the 70-200) and a lot smaller! Capturing close and intimate moments without being intrusive is one of our main priorities and this lens really helps us do just that!

Thanks friends for going on a little photo adventure with us, we love you guys!!