Our Wedding Story

This week at our house things have been pretty exciting. You see, after months of patiently waiting, we got our wedding film back! We got a text from our videographers saying, "it's coming today" and Stephen told me it was finished I literally did the happy dance while we anxiously waited for the video to load. You may have seen us post it on Facebook shortly after we saw it, but we knew it needed to be posted on the blog for all you readers as well. We love it to death, have watched it about a million times so far and love that we get to provide these kind of emotions to our couples when we deliver their wedding films. Here's a snippet from Stephen's post on our Facebook:

Being in the industry, we know that wedding films and photography can be quite the investment, but Chelsey and I are SO thankful to have invested a lot of our own money into a wedding film that captured our day so perfectly. I hear this from our couples all the time, but now we're on the other side of things and it is totally true. It was amazing to see everything captured on film, to see moments that I would have never seen or heard if we didn't invest in quality videographers. This film is a gift that will bless Chelsey and I for years to come, worth every penny.

I totally agree with what Stephen is saying! Looking back on our March wedding, things just FLEW by. We were able to enjoy it in the moment but I feel like having quality photography and a film from the day has allowed us to enjoy it even more, and for years to come too! It's so amazing to be able to relive the wedding from a different angle than my own, seeing things that I never saw on the day of, like Stephen opening my journal I had been writing him while we were engaged, or the looks on our faces as we saw each other during our first look. While we're so thankful for this wedding film, knowing we'll cherish it for the rest of our lives, we're EVEN MORE thankful to be able to provide to our couples what we just experienced. Using our wedding photography and videography to bless couples just like ourselves, preserving these special memories forever and ever. -S&C :)