Thoughts from a Chico California Bride - Brittany

Continuing on from last week's bridal advice we've interviewed another previous bride on her wedding planning experience. There are so many different elements that can go into weddings and it is always important to stay true to you. No matter how many ideas Pinterest has or what trends are happening, it is important to stay true to your personal style. Grabbing inspiration is always a good thing, but too much can sometimes overwhelm a person. As a bride planning her own wedding not too long ago, often I had to log out of my Pinterest boards to remember that everything would come together no matter what.

Everything came together so perfectly and Stephen and I were happy to be their wedding photographers and videographers. Thanks friends for sharing with us!



Q. What were some exciting parts about your wedding planning?

A. I [Brittany] loved thinking about the reason I wanted a beautiful wedding…to celebrate the fact that I was marrying the most wonderful person! That alone was exciting to me. I wanted to have a special and beautiful wedding simply because it was a special and beautiful day to me, no matter what! Of course I enjoyed planning specific things, like my cake, dress, and flowers, but what kept me excited about wedding planning the WHOLE time was the reason I was having a wedding in the first place.

Q. What was the best advice you were given as a bride?

A. A perspective that was given to me that really helped me though my engagement and wedding was, "the wedding will be a success if you are married at the end of the day." This helped me have realistic expectations on how our wedding day went. It really did help! A wedding wouldn't be a wedding if it didn't have some hiccups! As long as the hiccup doesn't prevent you from actually getting married, it can't determine the "success" of your wedding! So let those candles never get lit, or those boutonnieres be a little different than you imagined! Also hire a wedding planner1

Q. What advice would you give a bride planning her wedding today?

A. One thing that really helped with wedding planning stress was prioritizing! Cody and I made a list of the most important things to us, 1. Wedding date 2. Photography/videography 3. Cake. There were other things important to me, of course, flowers, dress, centerpieces, and DJ, but those top three helped me "major on the majors, and minor on the minors." Everyone has certain aspects that are most important to them, so pick them and make them as special as you can!

Q. Why did you opt to do a first look?

A. Cody and I decided to do a first look for many reasons, but most importantly, we cared for what our pictures looked like! It is pretty unrealistic to give a photographer only 30 minutes and expect perfection! We also wanted to be able to ENJOY our reception! We wanted to visit with our friends and family, not be gone taking pictures the whole time!

Q. What did you like about a first look?

A. Looking back on our wedding day I am SO SO SO thankful we did a first look! The whole time getting ready for the wedding, I kept repeating "I just want to see Cody!" I don't think I could have waited 2 more hours to see him! It was so special being able to have some time together before the ceremony! Not to mention, our pictures turned our even more beautiful and wonderful than I could have expected!