Secrets Out, we're HOMEOWNERS!

I'm totally pinching myself right now, is this real life, is this really happening?

We are thrilled to share with you that we are officially homeowners! This home seems to be absolutely perfect for us and from the moment we walked in, we felt a sense of peace as we could totally picture ourselves living and having lots of friends and family over to this house. This process started several months ago and like many first time home buyers the process is filled with many ups and downs. There were moments that we went from pure joy, to tears being shed (primarily from me, Chelsey haha) from the emotional stress of purchasing a home. 

This home represents a huge milestone in not only our personal life but in our business as well. It it a huge leap of faith. A leap of faith knowing God brought our business and this house into our lives and he won't leave us hanging. There were moments that I (Chelsey) felt nothing but anxious thoughts and worry about where our lives are headed. Being BOTH fully self employed as artists, it's a little scary to commit to something like this. The coolest thing is the street name, Rubicon. One of the definitions of rubicon is: a limit that when passed or exceeded permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment. Going full time with TréCreative was a commitment, a commitment to ourselves that we'd push our craft as far as we can, a commitment to our couples and clients that we'd give nothing but our all to bring them the best possible experience, and a commitment to God that with what he blesses us with we will give back generously. 

In the end I just had to trust and let it all go. Although this house hunt did not always bring out the best in us, we are so excited for the space this provides for TréCreative and the Diaz family. Our criteria for a home was much different than others. We wanted a space where our wedding couples could come over and get to know us better, see a glimpse into our lives, and let the stress of wedding planning go while they visit with us. We wanted enough rooms to always have a home office or two as well as a guest room for friends and family to stay when in need. Most of all, we wanted a space where we felt at home, and we found all of that in this home and much much more!

We CAN'T WAIT to show you more glimpses of our life in our home and to have you ALL over soon once we finish all our decorating. In the meantime, follow the hashtag #TreCrib on Instagram @steezdiaz and @chels_diaz for more :D

Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for supporting and loving us in ways you can't even imagine!