TréCreative Tips&Tricks - The Importance of Backup

Wedding and engagement photos should be treasured, these digital memories can last a lifetime...that is, unless you loose them!

Stephen and I are big believers in backing and even triple backing up all our personal photos and videos that have been taken of us. These photos of us together mark milestones in our relationship and in our marriage. The last thing we would ever want to have happen is loose these images.

After getting married ourselves in March of 2013, we modified our packages to add certain elements that would enhance the TréCreative wedding experience. One of those additions was delivering our images via an online gallery system called PASS. We love this service and our couples do too! We love that it allows our couples to easily share with family and friends, those who were unable to make the wedding, or guests who just want to relive the wedding magic over again! Another amazing perk is that the PASS galleries we deliver are backed up online for 10 years! 

While PASS is a great backup alternative for our couples, 10 years can fly by! Because of that, we HIGHLY recommend all our couples back up their wedding, portrait or engagement images onto another backup system. With technology evolving so quickly, a CD, DVD or USB could become outdated and honestly probably will in the next several years.

 If you're reading this and haven't backed up your special photos yet, do it now! We can't stress this enough! Doesn't matter if we took them, someone else did or you did. Download them onto external hard drives, onto your parent's computers, your friend's computers, upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive. These are just some of the ways that we recommend everyone backup their precious memories to ensure they are around for years to come :) 


Check back in next week for another addition of TréCreative Tips&Tricks. We'll talk about another alternative to your digital photos and how to create your first family heirloom :D

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