Just like our roles in marriage, we make each other stronger. Likewise, wedding photography and wedding videography are complimentary. Each plays a unique role that compliments the other and together they are always better.

You cannot hang a video on your wall like you would a photo. You cannot hear your vows when looking at a photo like you will in your wedding film. For that reason, we believe wedding videography plays a crucial role in passing on your wedding day legacy and remembering all the beautiful moments.

Wedding Videography Influenced by a Cinematic Style

Each season at TréCreative we take on a limited number of wedding videography experiences to ensure we can put our everything into crafting each film. We bring our cinema cameras, audio gear and professionally trained filmmaking expertise to your wedding day ready to capture the best possible narrative. We love wedding films as they are one of the best ways to truly relive your wedding day over and over again. Years later, you will be able to look back on the subtle glances between young lovers, the way your dress moved in the wind, and the sound of your vows as you tightly grasped each others hands and said yes to forever.

Destination Wedding Videographer based in california 

We are wedding videographers based in Northern California, however TréCreative takes us all over the state of California and around the world. We love exploring new wedding venues in Chico, CA, Sacramento, San Francisco, Bay Area, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Mexico and beyond. We care deeply about creating a personal, over the top wedding experience for each of our couples and capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

Below find some examples of our wedding videography and wedding films:

All of the emotions of the day are flooding back!!! I cried in the break room when I watched!

You did an amazing job and captured the happiest day of our lives. Our families and friends, the special things that were said....its absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to go home and watch it over and over

Jeremy loves it too!!!! He’s showing the guys at the firehouse

We are forever grateful to you two. Thank you for being so amazing!!!! We love you guys!
— Maggie&Jeremy