Stephen&Chelsey Two Year Anniversary Celebration!

I can't even believe it's been two years since Stephen and I got married. So much life has happened since, and yet it still seems like yesterday when our gorgeous March wedding took place. We have become big breakfast lovers, and this morning we went to one of our favorite breakfast places (Sin of Cortez — highly recommend it) and talked about the ups and downs of life in the last seven years of dating and two years of being married. 

Together in those two years, we have created big dreams for our business and personal lives, we have traveled on more airplanes and gone on more road trips than I can count. We have had many hard conversations that sometimes ended in tears, but have had just as many good talks that ended in happy tears. We have wrestled through some of our biggest issues and realized more and more how much we need God on a daily basis to love each other well. Together we have done our best to make greater strides to serve each other every day. 

We feel so lucky to be working with wonderful couples every weekend that remind us of the importance of choosing each other daily. It's so fun to recommit our vows while watching our couples do that for the first time. We are literally together almost every second of the day and after being over 500 miles from each other while dating long distance, we wouldn't want it any other way! Sure, we sometimes need our space and can get a little cranky sometimes, but there is no other person I would rather spend my whole day with than Stephen. With each day and each new challenge I have seen our love grow stronger and deeper in ways I could never imagine. Even on the hardest most difficult days of being married, I would never change my decision to marry my high school crush, my best friend, and my creative sweet husband.

Stephen, God knew I would need a husband to calm me down when I get anxious, to teach me patience, and to show me that even if everything in our lives would be stripped away we would have each other and God and that's all that really matters.

Thank you friends and family for supporting us, for showing us all the different ways love looks like, for having grace when we mess up and for continuing to encourage us along the way. We would not be the same without you. Cheers to this beautiful gift of marriage and many more years to come!

Enjoy our wedding video shot and edited by Forestry Films and wedding photos by Shannon Rosan, love them both!

VideographyStephen Diaz