Colorado Wedding Photographer&Videographer - A Mini TréCreative Reunion

We were in Colorado over the weekend for Chris&Kara's Westminster wedding which was very special for us for a number of reasons! Not only did we get to celebrate with this lovely couple as they became husband and wife, but we got to see and hang out with two of our other Colorado couples from past years. Aaron&Bri met us for drinks and appetizers when we flew in to Colorado and it was a blast to catch up. Chad&Lindsey were guests at Chris&Kara's wedding and actually the ones who referred them to them!  

Fun fact about TréCreative, our second wedding we EVER shot (Ryan&Abby) was in Colorado and we have been able to go back to Colorado either for an engagement or a wedding every year since for four years running! It seems to be an unofficial tradition to travel to Colorado every season one way or another and it just goes to show how powerful word of mouth is for our business!

With Google being such a powerful way of people finding us, it still can't compare to a positive referral that comes from a past client or family member. Our desire is that during the engagement process we can cheer on our couples to be excited about their wedding day but to always remember that their marriage is more important! We love supporting and journeying with our couples after the wedding day, and we learn so much from them. Love looks so different for everyone and we are always inspired by how our couples continue to pursue one another and choose each other first.

Thank you TréCreative brides for loving and supporting us long after your wedding day, we are so grateful!


We took this quick iPhone photo after dinner with Aaron&Bri, these two are so

And we had our second shooter Gloria take a photo of us at Chris&Kara's wedding on Saturday, with Chad&Lindsey on the right. Love all these people right here!