Anniversary Date Recap

We are big believers in eating the most mouthwatering breakfast on earth, going on fun adventures together and never stopping to date each other. Last Monday we spent the day doing just that, and it was just perfect! We started our anniversary morning at one of our favorite local breakfast joints then headed home to answer some quick emails and get packed and ready for our little kayaking adventure. 

In the previous week, I had asked several of our TréCreative Brides some of their favorite date ideas and I loved hearing all their wonderful and unique places they had explored with their sweetheart. There were too many to do all in one day so we will for sure be revisiting that list, thank you brides for your input :D

We wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary and something neither of us had ever done before. Stephen's parents had recently purchased two kayaks and continued to rave about their experience out near Lake Oroville and Table Mountain. They talked about how peaceful it was to just paddle out together and sit in complete silence. The talked about the breathtaking views and about how their perfect outing for two should be explored by us!

After hearing nothing but good things about this new hobby Stephen's parents had taken up, we decided to try it out for ourselves. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed! It was everything wonderful they had explained to us and even more! The day was a bit overcast and it drizzled slightly on us but I think it made our little date that much better. We had the whole place to ourselves and were completely swept away by the peace this place had to offer. We will definitely be back soon! We don't always do the best job of spending quality time together. Sure we're together the entire day, but we could go a whole week without really talking and knowing how the other is doing. We realize more and more as life goes on how vital setting aside time for one another is so important for our marriage and business!

So for you future TréCreative couples out there, go on a date sometime in the next week! Put the wedding planning aside and just be present. Your wedding day is important but your relationship and marriage is more important, don't neglect that! And for you past couples, same goes for you. Take some time this week to plan something random and special, you wont regret it!


Thank goodness for self timer!