A Proposal Story - Josh&Danielle


Just over a few months ago, Josh&Danielle recently started helping out at the same high school group Stephen and I volunteer at here in Chico. It's been so fun getting to know these two better and seeing their relationship continue to grow. Without Danielle knowing, Josh reached out to us about helping him capture the perfect Chico proposal that would happen a few weeks later. We LOVE capturing proposal stories through our photography, and so grateful every opportunity we have to be a part of preserving one of these life changing events forever!

Josh had a romantic table and chairs set up on the Neighborhood Church of Chico Island and Danielle and him had a dinner date out there. They then went for a walk, and while they were gone we helped set up the scene for their return. Flower petals scattered all over the wooden gazebo and one hundred tealight candles that looked amazing (even if the wind did blow most of them out).

When Josh got down on one knee, Danielle was in shock. It was a moment she was expecting but she could not believe that it was finally REAL!

The above photo is when Josh told Danielle that "they weren't alone" and we came out of hiding to get a couple more close up shots of these two. We were both hiding behind trees with our long zoom lenses attached for added stealth.

CONGRATULATIONS you two! We're overjoyed with you and are so excited you two are getting hitched. Thank you for trusting us with this precious once in a lifetime moment :)

If you're reading this and know anyone else planning any proposals, let us know! We'd love to be involved and collaborate with you!