Campovida Wedding Film // Ishaan&Katelyn


Ishaan&Katelyn's story starts in the Midwest. Ishaan was working at GE Aviation when a new hire showed up. During a work outing to Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ishaan just so happened to be the driver and Katelyn rode shotgun. Katelyn was blown away by how nice Ishaan was, she was really impressed by this welcoming committee from work. Little did she realize, Ishaan wasn't going on all the rides with her because he was supposed to be nice to the newcomer, he had an instant crush on her!

In Katelyn's words, "we started hanging out, and hanging out turned into dating." It felt natural and just flowed. Katelyn didn't realize their first date was a date until Ishaan pulled up in front of a fancy steakhouse. It became a bit more obvious then! It was hilarious to hear family members like Katelyn's sister recap phone conversations with Katelyn during this time.

"We continued spending time together and getting to know each other, and eventually, we fell in love."

But any strong relationship doesn't get there without a little drama. One year after meeting, Ishaan moved away, far away! He spent eight months in Dallas and then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite the distance, these two knew they had found something special and didn't want to give up there. After Katelyn finished grad school one and a half years later, she moved out to California for a sweet reunion.

If you know these two, you have heard of Ishaan's elaborate proposal! He incorporated all of Katelyn's favorite things.

Ishaan surprised Kate with tickets to the Packers vs. 49ers preseason game at Levi Stadium on August 25th. Having grown up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Katelyn and her whole family are HUGE packers fans. Luckily, so is Ishaan! They had a blast at the game and the next day, they went to the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Ishaan told Kate they were running a special and had half-priced rooms to play it off so she wouldn't get suspicious why he was splurging on luxury. Ishaan kept pulling out the surprises, he bought Kate a fancy dress and shoes, and played that off as a gift for their belated "four year anniversary". She wore them to dinner.

"We went down to the beach to watch the sunset. Instead, Ishaan proposed!"

He had 3D printed a golden snitch and stored the ring in the snitch. Katelyn, being a huge Harry Potter fan was ecstatic! To top that off, Kate's sister, Ashley, and cousin, Jacki, were also there to take photos, video, and celebrate! Amazing, right?

When planning their wedding, these two put just as much thought and love into the day together as Ishaan's proposal.

They decided on a date and a venue, Campovida. This venue is absolutely breath-taking. It is a sprawling property with so many areas to explore. We were in videographer heaven with all the spots. There was gardens, vineyards, open areas and secret paths, it was so fun! For their date, they chose August 12th. Why the 12th? Well...

1. 12 is Ishaan's favorite number. 2. Aaron Rodgers wears number 12. 3. And most importantly, the Perseid meteor shower.

The dance floor at Campovida is outdoors, directly under the stars. It just so happens that the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, one of the best showers to observe, is on August 12, 2017. At its peak, it produces up to 60 meteors per hour. So, while guests were out on the dance floor, they could look up and see meteors in the sky!

For their ceremonies, they decided to do a perfect hybrid of their two families. They did a traditional Sikh wedding in the morning and an American ceremony in the afternoon. It was so powerful to see both families come together in this celebration of love and unite as one. Watch Ishaan&Katelyn's wedding story below and congratulate them in the comments below or on Facebook!


Wedding Videography: TréCreative

Wedding Coordinator: Downey Street Events

Wedding Venue: Campovida

Hair&Makeup: Brush Salon

Wedding DJ: Caliber DJs

American Ceremony Officiant: Steve Knapmiller

Sikh Ceremony Officiant: Sikh Priest

Barat Horse: Hackney Horse and Carriage

Wedding Photography: Alison Yin Photography

Alcohol: Mills Wine Group

Transportation: Compass

Wedding Florals: Dragonfly Farms

Catering: Sage Catering