Sonoma Engagement Photographer - Ryan&Jessica


We are so excited to share with you Ryan and Jessica's Sonoma engagement session. Since they booked us a few months ago, we have been so looking forward to getting to know them more. They are both from Sonoma County and picked the most amazing locations for their engagement photos. When we initially Skyped with them, they had already expressed that they had thought about engagement photos and had great locations in mind. We could have easily done their whole photo session at one of the amazing three locations they chose, they were each just that good!

We started their session at Sonoma State University near the Green Music Center which had beautiful Olive Trees and stone walkways. Ryan had attended this University and was very familiar with the area. It was our first time on campus and it's beautiful! From there, we headed to Ryan's parent's home outside of Santa Rosa and our jaws dropped by the amazing property and views of the rolling hills beyond. We started near his parent's house with the huge Oak Trees and beautiful sunlight coming through. Then, we made our way down to a pond nearby. We ended down the street at Crane Creek Park for some gorgeous sunset and champagne-popping toasts to celebrate these two checking off their engagement session.

Ryan and Jess were such a delight to spend our evening with. They both have the biggest smiles and within a few short minutes of taking their photos, we could already tell this session was going to be magical. We totally realize that having your photo professionally taken for the first time as a couple can be a little nerve-racking. Those nerves are totally normal. During our time together, we walk our couples through our process and ease their nerves of wondering if their pictures will actually turn out okay. This is why we love engagement sessions and they are so valuable to our couples. We build trust and a bond that on the wedding day makes everything just perfect. We have a great time getting to know our TréCreative couples and the engagement session is a great way to do that. Ryan and Jess were such naturals in front of the camera and chose complimentary outfits that looked great in the locations we shot in.

Ryan and Jess, thanks for such a wonderful evening. We loved meeting your family and look forward to meeting everyone else next Fall. Keep making each other laugh always!

Enjoy some of our many favorites from Ryan and Jess's Sonoma engagement photography session below.