Chico Business Promotional Films - The Simpkins Team

From the first moment we met Alisha and her team we knew this would be a fun film to create! One of our favorite parts about making these "online commercials" or promotional films for local Chico businesses is getting to know the personalities behind the business. Alisha has an spunky personality and a laugh that is contagious. In the short promotional film we produced for her Chico Real Estate Team, we wanted to show Alisha's drive for her business as well as the fun side of her personality. Alisha is so passionate about her work and it truly shows in everything she does. She is one of the most hard working realtors we've ever encountered...and she makes it fun all the while! Selling houses is so much more to Alisha and her team than just handing over keys, they truly go the extra mile to make their clients feel at home!

One of our favorite parts of making this business promotional film was collaborating with Alisha, her team, and Nicole from Studio22 who is helping The Simpkins Team rebrand their website. Nicole designed a handful of amazing graphics for Alisha and her team and was the mind behind the "Welcome Home Chico" theme which we absolutely love! You may remember Nicole from her and Adam's romantic Sacramento river engagement session! It's been so fun to get to know her even more outside of wedding planning and we love working with her on all these fun projects!

Lastly, we LOVE Alisha's family! Her kids are seriously THE CUTEST! It was so so SO fun working with Alisha's family on this film. Thanks for taking time out of your day and having some fun with us you guys! Alright... enough talking, time for you to enjoy The Simpkins Team's promotional film by clicking play below!