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Memorable Monday - November Edition

It feels like we blinked and we’re already in November, where did October go?!?

The leaves are just now starting to change color here in Northern California except the weather is still in the 80’s come mid afternoon! That’s California weather for you, although this is not typical for Chico! We’re looking forward to cooler weather in the next few weeks, traveling to Paris at the end of our wedding season, and spending time with family during the holidays. There has been a lot happening in our home since our last Monthly Memorable Monday and we want to keep you up to date. We’re sharing what’s to come for us as well as what we celebrated in October!

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Northern California Wedding Photography - Adam&Samantha

These two share history and now they'll share a future. Adam and Samantha knew each other since elementary school. Everyone around them eagerly watched as their love story matured and cheered them on as they celebrated.

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Best Places to See in Portland Maine - Photo Recap

A few weeks ago, Stephen and I were in Portland Maine for a very exciting destination wedding for one of our TréCreative couples. Although we would have loved to stay longer, our day and a half of sight seeing and exploring the beautiful state of Maine was just what we needed. The wedding we were originally there for went off without a hitch and after sleeping in the next day, we started grabbing coffee. 

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Patrick Ranch Wedding Photos - Jeffrey&Natalie

All the planning, dreaming and preparation. It all led to this moment. The moment where Jeffrey&Natalie were surrounded by their community to step into something new together. A lifelong commitment to saying yes to marriage, to one another, to growth and to continuing to surround themselves with this community that's been for them all along. Their beautiful Patrick Ranch wedding is live on the blog!

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Red Rock Lake Orland Wedding Photos - Tanner&Bridget

Tanner and Bridget were married on a beautiful Spring afternoon just outside of Chico at Red Rock Lake. The day before their wedding, it had completely down poured but everything cleared and we had nothing but blue skies for miles. 

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Working With Your Spouse

When we're at weddings, at church, or out and about in the community, people always seem intrigued that we’re able to work together as husband and wife team. That we're able to enjoy what we do, and not totally kill each other.

Early in our marriage, I was shocked that so many people had this viewpoint of working with their spouse. The longer I’ve been married, the more realization of how rare this can be done well. Marriage is hard enough by itself, and yet adding a working partner can cause even more complications.

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