Chico Commercial Videographer - Chico State Sorority Video Production Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi, the longest standing Greek organization on Chico State Campus, reached out to us wanting to refresh their recruitment video. We were excited to make a video for them to attract potential members for their Chico State Sorority. They wanted to capture what makes their sisterhood so unique and historic.

To do so we visited their house in Downtown Chico, originally built in the 1960’s, where we met group of college students who live life as a family. Which is exactly what Alpha Chi wanted to demonstrate through their commercial. Their Sorority mantra is “Love, Loyalty, Justice, and Leadership” and it fits this group so well. Once we were finished at the house we headed to Chico State University just a few blocks away. There we filmed just a few of the members around the campus.

We always enjoy working with business or organizations that have a long history in Chico. We feel that they are a large part of what makes our hometown what it is. We are glad that Alpha Chi has been, and will continue to be, part of Chico State.