Monthly Memorable Monday - September


For those of you who have been around the blog a long time, you probably remember our series called Memorable Monday. That series was started as a place to connect with you and share both our personal and professional life updates throughout the week. We loved sharing our week with you! It included a lot of highs and lows, big business ventures, new dreams and lessoned learned from running a full time business together as husband and wife. 


This year in particular, we’ve added more elements to our business that are outside our wedding or lifestyle photography and videography. There have been a lot of big risks, and big dreams that we feel like God has been asking us to step into. Because of that extra hustle, Memorable Monday was put on the back burner for months!

After reevaluating, we missed updating you all with our short little life snapshots. We also realized this can’t be a series we can keep up with every week. For that reason, we are bringing back Memorable Monday with a little tweak. Instead of our weekly update, we’ll share once a month a big update about that past month and what’s next. So Memorable Monday is coming back, but it will just be new and improved as Monthly Memorable Monday.

So here we go, here’s our first Monthly Memorable Monday...

  • We LOVE our TréCreative family! Our wedding season has been incredible. Filled with so many amazing people with incredible stories. We often get asked by strangers how we like being wedding photographers and videographers. They always ask if we ever encounter any bride-zillas.  We can honestly answer that question with a big NO. We have a process that allows us to work with like-minded people that have the same values as we do. Bridezillas are not a thing when you become part of the TréCreative family and we are so grateful for that.

  • Speaking of weddings, we announced something very exciting to our TréCreative brides group this last month. We can’t share unless you are a TreCreative bride, but it has been something we’ve been dreaming about since the start of the year and we’re finally putting the pieces together. We care deeply about our couples not just living in a marriage but having a thriving marriage and this little bonus will play a huge role in empowering that area of our couple’s lives.

  • We’ve been down to LA a few different times in the last few months for Stephen’s new sleeve tattoo. Many of you already know the story, but he’s been on a very well-known LA artist’s waitlist for 4+ years and this year was finally his time. Next time you see Stephen, ask him about this tattoo project, he’d love to share!

  • For one of our side projects, LunaTac, we launched a new product this past month! Stephen created a new Kendama, which you can view here. This product is very niche, but has a large following and the launch went super well! We shipped Kendamas all over the world to over 20+ countries! Our garage is still packed with this product right now though…ha! So if you want one, get one here! If you’re interested in learning how to create more passive income through ecommerce brands, I highly recommend signing up for Rainmakers Academy (more on that in the next bullet point)

  • Over the past year, Stephen has been coaching people who want to make more passive income online. He specifically teaches about how to use the Amazon platform to build ecommerce brands that generate daily passive income. If you want to see how we do this, there’s a free 1hr training here. Rainmakers Academy is opening back up to new students soon, so if you want to apply, watch that video above and apply at the end. It’s been awesome to see some of the success stories from his students so far, we’ve had 10+ people hit $100/day and 2 people hit $1000/day so far using the method he teaches :)

  • We’ve been stepping up our backyard patio game over the summer. We’ve been finding outdoor furniture and creating a fun living space for us to hang out in during the morning and off hours. This is my favorite spot to drink coffee in the morning and prep for the day. I’m sure I’ll share photos soon but in the meantime, think lots of plants and a classy relaxing boho feel.

  • We’ve been shooting medium format film like CRAZY. All the photos on this post are from one of our two film cameras and we’ve been having so much fun documenting our travels through this medium. I’m launching my new film-specific newborn and family site SO soon, so keep on the lookout for that.

    Until next month friends, thanks for following! -S&C