Chico Photo Booth Rental - TréBooth, An Open Air Photo Booth

It's been SO exciting to see many of our wedding couples adding on our new Chico-based TréBooth (our awesome open air photo booth) to their wedding experiences! It seems like every wedding we go to these days has a photo booth rental of some sort which is awesome! Photo booths are such a great way for guests at the reception to interact, have fun and get crazy together! Plus, it's so awesome to be able to have a little souvenir print to take home as well. After seeing so many booths at weddings, it just made sense to us to make our own...but take the original idea of a photo booth and put our professional TréCreative spin on it of course!

A lot of photo booths we've seen use sub-par cameras that compare to say the quality of a webcam or iPhone. To improve the image quality of the photos taken by our open-air style booth, we put a full-fledged professional DSLR camera inside our booth. It has a fast lens with auto-focus enabled which is great for getting crisp shots no matter how far guests are from the lens! From there, we took down the walls of the "booth" making it an open-air system. This is AWESOME because not only can more people fit in the photo (we've seen over 20 in one photo), it also allows for creative backdrops and for other guests to enjoy watching the booth shenanigans from afar.

If you noticed something new on the TréBooth homepage, you're right! We have a brand new promotional film for TréBooth that we're OH so excited about. The old promo film that we had was great, showed off what the TréBooth was, but it really didn't get down to the heart of why we do what we do and why we started this Chico photo booth company. This new film does just that! Click the one minute video below to experience the TréBooth first hand:

We only offer this exclusive photo booth to our Chico and surrounding local areas as it's a little hard to fly with. If you're one of our Chico TréCreative brides (or close by), make sure you book TréBooth for your wedding as soon as possible! Dates are filling up and we'd love to make sure it's available for your party! Also, don't forget to use our TréCreative Bride&Groom discount during check out (email us for the code).